2021 UK Staycation Ideas

Travel in 2020 was pretty non existent for me. It felt weird, travel is usually such a big part of my life! I felt very unmotivated to even think about planning travel. With almost all of my trips being cancelled, and one I’m trying to hold onto but keep pushing the flights back later, it just made me feel disappointed and down. In 2021 I’d like some sort of travel to be back on the cards. I’ve been thinking of some UK staycation ideas, just in case international travel is still on the rocky side. With restrictions constantly changing, even within the UK, it’s important to do a little bit more research to ensure you are staying safe and not breaking any local restrictions.

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Things I Miss About Living In The USA

This has literally been my most asked question since I repatriated back to the UK. What do I miss about living in America? Now I’ve always been pretty vocal about the things I struggled with. And I’m happy with the choice I made to return home. But of course there are a few things I do ‘miss’ (other than the obvious). These are based on my experience of where I was living in Iowa and where I live in the UK. Of course things differ depending on where you are in both countries.

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High Ropes Climbing & Zip Lining at Go Ape Thetford Forest – England, UK

I have been to Go Ape several times now and it’s always something I enjoy doing! It’s a great adventurous and adrenaline filled way to spend time outdoors. The Thetford Forest location is around 1hr 30 from where I am in Essex, so it’s a nice easy UK day trip for me! There are 34 different locations all around the UK (and 14 locations in the USA…including 6 across the Midwest!). Here’s what to expect when visiting the Go Ape Thetford Forest location!

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9 Awesome Things To Do In Snowdonia, North Wales

I’m going to make a bold statement and say that I think North Wales is the most adventurous place in the UK!  It’s like a dream come true for outdoor adventure as well as having lots of other cool little villages and towns!  In this post I share all the things to do in Snowdonia that I did during my week in North Wales.

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2020 The Year of The Staycation: What My UK Mini Break Was Like

If you had told me at the start of the year that my only summer holiday in 2020 would be 2 nights in my home county, I wouldn’t have believed you! I had a week in Tennessee, USA planned, along with a week in Portugal and 2 weeks in Zanzibar (Tanzania). As you can imagine, they all got knocked on the head. One was completely cancelled, one got rebooked and the third is in vouchers. So to give me some sort of a break, I booked a last minute 2 night glamping trip, literally 20 minutes from my house!

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7 Things To Do In Llandudno, North Wales

Llandudno is a Victorian seaside town located in North Wales.  North Shore Beach is large with a wide pedestrianised promenade.  But there’s so much to do in Llandudno aside from the beach!  A major geographical feature is the Great Orme headland, a limestone land formation which was once mined for copper (you can still visit the disused mine/cave).  It’s also home to a herd of wild goats!

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UK 14 Day Quarantine On Arrival: What It’s Like Travelling Into London Heathrow

On Monday 8th June 2020, the UK introduced a requirement for international travellers arriving into the UK to go into a 14 day quarantine. I travelled from Chicago USA landing in London Heathrow on Monday 15th June so therefore had to go through the motions. I have a feeling that it won’t be in place for long so I’ll be updating this post as and when things happen…if I wait 2 weeks until I publish, there’s a chance that it may not even be in place anymore!

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