Is Zanzibar Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

When it comes to safety in a destination, it’s obviously always important to trust your instinct and use your own initiative. I personally try to avoid any situations that might put me in danger or at risk. (Outside of adrenaline and adventure activities!). If you are wondering, is Zanzibar safe for solo female travellers, I will share my experiences and thoughts from my 10 day solo trip to Zanzibar.

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Things To Do In St Julians Malta | Beyond The Nightlife

Located approximately 7km from Valletta, Malta’s capital, is the town of St Julian’s (also known as San Giljan). It has a reputation of having the best nightlife in Malta, with a large amount of bars, nightclubs and casinos in the Paceville area. But as someone that has no interest in the ‘clubbing’ scene, here’s a guide for things to do in St Julians Malta, away from the nightlife.

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The Perfect 7 Day Zanzibar Itinerary | Relaxation & Exploration!

Zanzibar is a popular destination that many people doing a safari on mainland Tanzania will tag on to the end of their itinerary for a few days. I went JUST to Zanzibar for 9 nights/10 days. I did a mixture of exploring and relaxing. As a minimum I would suggest at least doing 6 nights. This will give enough time to enjoy a couple of day tours to see the main sights, as well as enjoying the beautiful beaches! Check out this Zanzibar itinerary full of tips and advice!

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