Baby G Watch Review | A Travel Gadget I’d Be Lost Without!

Last Updated on August 6, 2022

When it comes to travel packing lists and ‘must have travel gadgets’, I can’t believe I’ve always overlooked the item I’d feel most naked without and there’s a good reason for it…literally because I NEVER take it off. Ever. It’s like a permanent part of me!  I am a huge fan of Baby G (G Shock) watches by Casio. In my opinion they are the best waterproof dual timezone watch out there and an important part of my travel routines!

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Baby G Watch Review

So wrist watches may seem a little old fashioned now when you have smart phones and watches that can bring up multiple time zones in 2 seconds, but here are a few reasons why I’d be lost without my Baby G watch!!  I LIKE having the time right there on my wrist without having to fish around for my phone. AND I don’t need to worry about charging it!

There are several different features depending on the watch but the majority have a light, date, world time, daylight savings, stopwatches and alarms.  In all honesty I don’t even use half of the features but I’d be lost without the ones I do use!

Stand up paddle boarding Iowa
(My purple Baby G while stand up…ok sitting…paddle boarding in Iowa)


The BIGGEST must have for me is the way Baby G watches are durable and waterproof!  Depending on the watch they are depth tested and graded for how waterproof they are.  Even though I don’t often go down deep underwater, I ALWAYS look for one that has a water resistance of ‘20 BAR‘ (or 200m…some are 30 bar, 10 bar, some are 5 etc BUT they are not designed to be scuba diving watches!).  

I like to go for the higher option because I trust it a little more in the water!  (I had a cheap 10 bar watch…NOT Casio that blew up when I was scuba diving in a swimming pool at less than 2 metres down!).

I love the water and I’ve had non waterproof watches in the past, jumped into a swimming pool or shower and bye bye watch.  I’m clumsy and I’m honestly surprised my Fitbit has lasted so long (…it’s had several near misses)! How often are you going to be snorkelling or surfing with a phone so you can see the time? Bikinis don’t exactly have any pockets!

When I was on my snorkelling tour in Belize, the guide told us we’d be stopped at a spot for 30 minutes. I was able to keep an eye on the time without being paranoid that the boat was going to leave without me!

Cave Tubing Belize
(My purple Baby G while cave tubing in Belize!)

A Dual Timezone Watch Is Great For A Traveller

Funny story. The same watch that blew up in the swimming pool was not a dual timezone watch. It was actually a pain in the butt to change the time. I’d got so used to wearing a watch that I didn’t want to not wear it on my ‘multi timezone trip’ and the thought of struggling to change it each time was not worth the hassle. I flipped it upside down so the clock face was on the underside of my wrist and kept it as ‘home time’ so I’d know when it would be a suitable time to call home. 

Every time I looked at my wrist and the ‘clock face’ was missing I’d know that wasn’t the real time. I’d just use my phone for ‘local time’. Weird I know.

Surfing in Cornwall UK
(Transparent blue Baby G while surfing in Cornwall, UK…you can just about see the white buckle from where I wear it ‘the wrong way’!)

I’d got so used to wearing it ‘upside down’, that when I got home I never flipped it back, I found it more comfortable wearing it that way!  I’ve been wearing my watch ‘the wrong way’ for 14 years now!  Even the kids at work ask me why I wear it the wrong way!

Back to Baby G! Although it doesn’t show multiple timezones on the screen at the same time, you can easily press the ‘mode’ button and flick between HT (home time) and WT (world time).  There are major city timezones preset into the watch.  When on the world time screen you can simply press the reverse and forward buttons on the right hand side of the watch to scroll backwards and forwards through the cities.

When I’m not travelling, I have world time set to London. The only problem I’ve come across is that the world times don’t change with the daylight savings. A button can turn daylight savings on and off for home time but not for world time, so for half a year I have to set the London time as Barcelona on the screen (1 hour ahead of London)!

World Traveler Watch

My Flight Routine

When planning my travels, I always look for the timezone in advance, so before I leave for the airport I set my world time as the destination time. AS SOON AS I get on the plane I then turn on world time and carry on living the flight according to my destination time. I think this plays a huge part in how I often managed to beat jet leg! There’s no waiting for a phone to automatically update when you land, in my mind I’ve been living that time for the whole flight!

You Don’t Have To Charge It

Lets face it, everything needs charging these days! In 13 years, I’ve had 4 Baby G watches. I still have my first one and the time is still correct. The only thing they do suggest is that you should get the battery resealed every few years to maintain the water tight seal. At this point I usually just buy a brand new watch as there’s not much difference in the price (the strap is usually a little bit beaten up by this point too due to always wearing it).

There Are So Many Different Options For Men & Women!

The watch straps are made out of a flexible plastic resin. Despite being quite chunky, I find them so comfortable to wear that I don’t bother taking it off when I go to bed. They are available in a wide range of colours from black or white to transparent straps to bright colours (I’ve had a transparent blue one, a bright pink one and currently have a dark purple one). I prefer the solid coloured straps as I find that the transparent ones go a little discoloured.

Stand Up Paddle Board Hawaii
(My pink Baby G while stand up paddle boarding in Hawaii!)

Tide Graph

My current one has a ‘tide graph’ display on the clock face, where you can set coordinates and it’ll tell you whether or not it’s high tide…currently as I write this it is almost high tide in Southend in Essex, UK! My previous one has little ‘roll bars’ that protected the screen.


I also always use the light feature. Half of the time if you press the button in daylight you can’t even notice that the light is on, which is great when you switch it on in the dark because it’s not glaringly bright. It stays on long enough for you to quickly see the time and then it goes back to normal.

There are analog versions too if you aren’t a fan of a digital display but I’m not sure exactly how the world time function works on these ones!

Where To Buy A Baby G/G-Shock Dual Timezone Watch!

Amazon has a GREAt selection of Baby G and G-Shock dual timezone watches! You find them by clicking on the link below!

Baby G Watches

A few styles worth pointing out:

Rose Gold is quite a good colour for those after a more ‘girly version – Baby G Rose Gold Watches

My newest Baby G is turquoise and I think it’s my favourite one so far! – Baby G Blue and Turquoise Watches

These ones are specifically for 20BAR/200m water resistant watches, which is what I ALWAYS shop for. (As mentioned above, despite the name, they aren’t suitable for scuba diving. I’ve never had a problem when it comes to regular ‘surface’ water sports though). Baby G 20BAR Waterproof Watches

For my MALE readers after a world traveler watch, these ones are for you – G Shock Watches For Men

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Looking for the perfect world traveler watch? I have been travelling with Baby G/G-Shock watches for 10 years! Check out my review my waterproof dual timezone watch!

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