Visiting Tibidabo Skywalk For The Best Panoramic View of Barcelona!

I honestly can’t believe that Tibidabo Amusement Park doesn’t appear on more Barcelona itineraries.  Ok so you’re not a fan of amusement parks? Well what if I told you that the Tibidabo Skywalk is completely free to enter, offers panoramic views across the city of Barcelona (it is on the top of Mount Tibidabo after all!) and has fairground rides that are almost 100 years old?  The Tibidabo Skywalk is where some of my all time favourite travel photos have been taken.  It should definitely be visited during a trip to Barcelona!

Tibidabo Skywalk

Tibidabo is actually spilt into two parts: the main amusement park has an entry fee and would probably be better suited to younger visitors (although I was desperate to go on the rollercoaster that looked like it was going to throw you off the top of the mountain!), and then the Tibidabo panoramic area (Skywalk) which is free to enter.

Talaia Tibidabo Barcelona

Talaia – Tibadabo Panoramic Area

The Tibidabo Skywalk is home to 4 main attractions that you can pay individually to ride for 2 Euro each!  If you’ve got a head for heights, a ride on the 50 metre high ‘Talaia’ which will make YOU the highest point in Barcelona at 550 metres above sea level!  It’s a really interesting ride too as it’s actually considered a look out tower!  It first opened in 1921 and is a slow moving metal arm with a ‘chest high bucket’ on either end.  You stand up in the bucket and have the freedom to move around (slightly) and plenty of people were using cameras and phones to capture the view (I know at Tivoli in Copenhagen, on one of their highest rides they ban any ‘loose’ objects)!

‘Talaia’ also offers THE BEST views of the The Sagart Cor church (‘Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ is its full English name).  The crypt of the church (the brown part in the picture below), dates back to the early 1900’s, however the main part of the church wasn’t finished until 1961.  As you can see, its location is very impressive, offering views across Mount Tibidabo!  I’d suggest facing the ferris wheel and the view across Barcelona on the way up and when you reach the top, turn around and face the church on the way back down!

Barcelona Spain

The second ‘unique’ ride at the Tibidabo Skywalk is ‘Avio’…can you guess what it might be by its name?  It’s an airplane ride! ‘Avio’ is another ride which dates back to 1928 and works in a similar way to ‘Talaia’, although rather than a vertical rotating metal arm, it slowly rotates horizontally and visitors sit in an enclosed airplane…that then hangs you out over the edge of the mountain!  The plane is a copy of the one that made the first flight between Barcelona and Madrid!

Avio Tibidabo Skywalk

Panoramic Views of Barcelona

Then there are the more classic rides, a rainbow coloured ferris wheel (Giradabo) which is ridiculously photogenic and an old fashioned carousel.

How To Get To Tibidabo Skywalk

Tibidabo Bus

We decided that the quickest way to get to Tibidabo Skywalk, was to jump on the Tibidabo shuttle bus (T2A).  It departs from Placa Catalunya (the corner directly opposite La Rambla…keep walking in a straight line towards ‘Desigual’ and you’ll pretty much be on top of the bus stop).

*TIP* T2A doesn’t actually leave from the regular bus stop (the one with all the timetables)…right on the corner there is a lamp post with a tiny sign that says T2A…it leaves from here!

The shuttle bus costs 3 Euros (one way) and runs everyday that Tibidabo is open, leaving every 20 minutes (although when I visited during a weekend in December, the bus was running almost an hour late, but it DID eventually turn up!)

Mount Tibidabo Funicular

For those funicular railway fans, the Mount Tibidabo funicular has been in operation since 1901!  Getting to the funicular from the city centre is a little more tricky compared to the shuttle bus as it involves catching the metro and getting on a couple of buses!  The funicular does the last section of the journey up to the top of the Mount Tibidabo!

Tibidabo Barcelona

Tibidabo Barcelona

Tibidabo Panoramic Area Opening Hours

The opening hours of Tibidabo vary quite a bit depending on when you go, so I’d suggest double checking on the link below.  The panoramic area is open everyday between March and December (closed on Dec 25th and 26th) from 11am with closing times differing on certain days and months.  It’s then only opens for the first week of January (not New Years Days and closed the rest of the January) and then ONLY open weekends in February.

For more information on opening times and full ticket and attraction information, visit the Tibidabo Skywalk website!

Visting Barcelona

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Have you visited the Tibidabo Skywalk on Mount Tibidabo?

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Tibidabo Skywalk Barcelona

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  1. I have actually never heard of the Tibidabo Skywalk and I’ve been to Barcelona! This sounds like such a cool place to visit. I’m putting on my list for the next time I’m in Barcelona.

  2. What the heck?! I have literally NEVER heard of this place and now I’m mad I didn’t go during my last trip to Barcelona. Ahh thanks so much for this post. Some of those views are unreal! Definitely on my list for next time.

    1. I know right! If you go to Park Guell and look up at the mountain you can just about see it! I’m shocked it doesn’t appear advertised in more places!

  3. Is the only way to get that great of a photo of the church and ferris wheel is to go on Talia ride? Or can you still get a great photo at ground level of both by heading up there? Thank you

    1. You would still be able to get a photo of it from ground level! Obviously the angle is different but you can still see it 🙂

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