Is Zanzibar Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

When it comes to safety in a destination, it’s obviously always important to trust your instinct and use your own initiative. I personally try to avoid any situations that might put me in danger or at risk. (Outside of adrenaline and adventure activities!). If you are wondering, is Zanzibar safe for solo female travellers, I will share my experiences and thoughts from my 10 day solo trip to Zanzibar.

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12 Tips & Things to Know When Visiting Belize in Summer (June)!

Belize, a tiny little country in Central America, sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala. It was on my bucket list for years after watching Steve Irwin’s TV shows where he’d explore the Belize Barrier Reef, the 2nd largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I finally made it there and now I’m here to share my tips, especially if you plan on travelling to Belize in summer I visited Belize in June which is considered the off season!

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