Best Headsets For Online Teaching

When it comes to online teaching, some companies like tutors to have a headset, and with others it’s down to personal preference. I decided to use one just so other people around me don’t have to listen to my lessons! I’ve gone through several types of headsets to find one that works best for me, so now I’m sharing my findings! Here are the best headsets for online teaching!

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Tips on How to Pass the Cambly Kids Demo Class!

One of the parts of the Cambly Kids application process is a short demo lesson. In this post I give you some tips on how to pass the Cambly Kids demo class, from someone that successfully passed it! There’s a main application form for the Cambly platform with personal information, previous experience, if you have a teaching certificate you can upload this too. If you want to teach on Cambly Kids, make sure you tick the ‘I want to teach kids’ option on the form! This will then give you a couple of extra steps to complete!

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ESL Games For Online Classes/Zoom | How To Screen Share On Cambly

A great feature that I use during all of my lessons on Cambly, is screen share! Once I have completed the Cambly lesson slides, I then screen share other activities, games and books until the end of class! In this post I’ll give you a quick run down on how screen share works and afterwards I’ll share some of my favourite resources that I use with my students!

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