6 OHV Parks and ATV Trails In Iowa USA

I’ve been a huge fan of quad biking (ATVs) for a long time, going on ATV tours all around the world. While living in Iowa, we bought our own ATV so we could go trail riding! OHV parks tend to be free to visit and are under the control of the DNR. In these locations you’ll need a state registration sticker on the ATV, your vehicle must meet a couple of requirements (for example, have a width of less than 65 inches) and you have to wear a helmet. On private property, there aren’t quite as many rules but you’ll usually have to pay to ride on their trails. Here are some of the ATV parks in Iowa that we’ve been to!

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Dubuque Christmas Lights And Events 2022 | Iowa

As an expat, there’s not many typical American ‘holidays’ that I celebrate, we don’t have Thanksgiving or the 4th of July in England and Halloween is no where near on the same scale that it is here!  HOWEVER, I have spent my whole life celebrating Christmas!  So here are some Dubuque Christmas lights and events in East Iowa that you should check out this year!

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8 Best State Parks in the Midwest For Adventure Travelers! | USA

Since living in the Midwest USA, I’ve discovered the joy of state parks.  Think of National Parks (such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone etc) only on a much smaller scale and several free to enter! Some may have a lakefront, a campground, walking trails or just simply be a woodland area that offers a means to escape and find some people. I’ve come across some state parks though that have had something a little extra about them, making them a little more unique compared to some of the others!  So in this post I share the best state parks in the Midwest that are perfect for adventurous travellers!

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