Best Headsets For Online Teaching

When it comes to online teaching, some companies like tutors to have a headset, and with others it’s down to personal preference. I decided to use one just so other people around me don’t have to listen to my lessons! I’ve gone through several types of headsets to find one that works best for me, so now I’m sharing my findings! Here are the best headsets for online teaching!

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ESL Games For Online Classes/Zoom | How To Screen Share On Cambly

A great feature that I use during all of my lessons on Cambly, is screen share! Once I have completed the Cambly lesson slides, I then screen share other activities, games and books until the end of class! In this post I’ll give you a quick run down on how screen share works and afterwards I’ll share some of my favourite resources that I use with my students!

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Cambly Kids Pay | How Much I Earn as an Online ESL Tutor

I love reading blogging income reports…am I just nosey? My income report would be pretty uninspiring, I don’t earn a huge amount from blogging, it adds up over the year, but it’s not enough to live on. HOWEVER, I can give you an insight as to how much I earn as an online English Tutor on Cambly Kids. When you sign up to Cambly you only know the pay per MINUTE. But in reality, how much are you actually taking home? Some platforms say schedules take forever to fill, you don’t really get a lot of students, and you have to wonder if you’ll just be chasing something that’s not really going to make you anything. I can’t speak for everyone on the platform, I can only give you an insight into my experience of the Cambly Kids pay rates.

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