Route 66 Budget | How Much Does It Cost To Do Route 66 USA Road Trip?

When it comes to working out a Route 66 Budget, many different things can affect the total cost. Are you flying in from overseas? How long will you be spending on the Route? Will you need a rental car? How much do you plan on eating? Etc etc! In this post, I give you a rough idea of how much our Route 66 trip cost, from the fuel cost to attraction fees and hotels!

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Santorini Budget Breakdown: Is Santorini Expensive?

Before visiting the Greek Island of Santorini, I’d heard from various people that Santorini was expensive.  I’m not a traditional ‘budget traveller’ as such, but I do travel on a budget and trying to research how much it was going to cost was a bit of a nightmare.  There’s only really information for the luxury budgets (the typical cave rooms and infinity pools associated with Santorini) or the extreme other end of Santorini on a budget, with all the cheap places to eat and free things to do.  There’s not really any ‘mid range’ information for a Santorini budget! This post includes a full breakdown of what everything cost, including the price of eating and drinking in Santorini.

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How To Visit Turks And Caicos On A Budget!

Who doesn’t love a little slice of paradise?  On the surface, Turks and Caicos looks like a pretty expensive Caribbean destination. And I’m not going to lie, it kind of is! BUT it is possible to do Turks and Caicos on a budget. I’m going to give you a breakdown of the cost of my trip with some tips and tricks on how I saved myself money!

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