Our CR1 Spouse Visa Journey

CR1 Spouse Visa Process Tips

There are several different options when it comes to emigrating to the USA but we felt the CR1 Spousal Visa was the best for our situation.  The rules and laws are constantly changing (we’ve already been caught up in one law change!), but this is our visa journey, true as of 2015/2016 onwards…because lets face it, it’s an on going process that doesn’t stop the day you enter America!

As a long distance couple we had to pick one country or the other.  As I didn’t earn enough to be a UK visa sponsor, I had no choice but to be the one to make the move to America.  Because of this we decided it was only fair to get married in the UK so at least my whole family could witness it.

My partner entered the UK on a UK Marriage Visitor Visa to give Notice and then again later in the year, for the wedding.

23/01/14 – The day we met in Jamaica


5/9/15 – Our Wedding Day!


Once we were married we could then truly begin our visa journey so I could legally live in the USA.  This is a detailed version of some of the things you can expect from the visa process, including tips and advice on some of the forms you may encounter.  Please be aware that I am NOT an immigration lawyer.  The following information is an account of my successful CR1 Spousal Visa Application.

Our Visa Journey: The CR1 Visa Process

As I am a Brit, married to a USA citizen.  We used the I 130 petition for a spousal visa.

I used this book: Guide Book for Completing the USA Marriage & Fiancé Visa I highly recommend it!  It helped me out so much during the process.

Before You Start The Process

Here are a couple of helpful resources in deciding if the CR1 is right for you, including the total cost of the process, how long it could potentially take with the visa processing times and whether you may prefer to enter on a Fiancé visa instead of a Spouse visa!


Total Cost of the CR1 USA Visa Process

The CR1 USA Visa or the K1?

How to File a US Tax Return When Your Spouse is a Non Resident

What It Means To Be A Lawful Permanent Resident In The USA


This part of the visa journey takes the longest.  It’s the part where they decide whether or not you entered the marriage for the right reasons and not purely just to get an American visa.

18/9/15 – I-130 Visa forms sent

What to Include in the I-130 USA Visa Package

I-130 Evidence of a Bonafide Marriage

NVC Stage

Once USCIS have approved the marriage as such, the application then gets sent the National Visa Centre.  This part is processed faster than the USCIS stage and is where you’ll have to prove that the American sponsor earns enough to support the intending immigrant and the immigrant has to fill in a giant in depth form about their background, how often they’ve travelled to the States in the past etc.  All the official stuff!

What to Include in the i864EZ Affidavit of Support (AOS) Package

What is Included in the DS-260 USA Visa Form?

London Stage

For me, coming from the UK, the final stage of this part of the visa journey was dealt with in London.  This is the first time ‘America’ will see you as a real person.  You have to pass an in-depth medical and then have a face to face interview at the embassy…which really isn’t that bad, they mainly just want to see all the originals of the documents that were sent as copies during the application.

USA Immigrant Visa Medical – London

What Happens in the Visa Interview at the American Embassy, London

American Embassy London

Point of Entry USA

This is my experience on entering the USA for the very first time on a Permanent Resident Visa…if it’s anything like mine, you will be pulled into a backroom for ‘processing’!

11/8/16 – USA Point of Entry Procedure for CR1 Visa

Settling in to the USA

More resources on settling into the USA as a new immigrant such as receiving your Social Security Number, passing an American driving test and travelling internationally using a Green Card (hint…never travel without it!!!)

Expat Life: The American Love Affair With the Social Security Number

Expat Life: Passing an American Driving Test

It’s Official, my USA Green Card has Arrived!

Travelling on a USA Green Card

The Truth About Life in the States as an Immigrant

Removing 2 Year Green Card Conditions

If you’ve been married for less that 2 years when you first apply for a Green Card, you are only given 2 years once you are granted entry.  3 months before the expiration date on the card, you have to fill out the I-751 to remove the 2 year conditions on the Green Card.

I-751 How To Remove Conditions on Green Card


ARRIVED IN AMERICA: 11th August 2016 (total CR1 visa processing time = 11 MONTHS)

Tips and Advice for the USA Green Card Process

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    1. Because we wanted to get married in England so certain family members could be there. We thought if I was the one moving, it was only fair they got to be there for the wedding, they would never have been able to fly to the States for it 🙂

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  1. Cool! I’m like 20 minutes from the Wisconsin border! Thanks 🙂 I just used Microsoft Word…mainly text boxes and the photos! You could organise it in anyway, I was just being stingy because I’d already used a ton of paper printing off the forms so I was trying to make it as small as I could!


  2. Thank you for your answer. I really like your blog. It’s very helpful.

    (Could you remove my last name from the prior post. I didn’t realize it would show. Thanks!)


  3. Thank you for sharing your information. Very helpful!
    Did you ever apply for or look into B2 visitor visa to US, while you waited for the process?


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