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A fun thing to do in Mallorca (Majorca) is to ride the historic Palma to Soller train. It’s a 27km journey through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains on a wooden train that dates back to 1912. The train passes through 13 tunnels and rattles over bridges and viaducts with views of forests and orange groves on the journey to/from Soller. Then continue on to Port de Soller via the tram. Here’s what to expect riding the Soller Mallorca train!

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Soller Mallorca Train

  1. Soller Mallorca Train
    1. Where Does The Soller Train Go?
      1. Soller Train Timetable (first & last departures)
    2. The Mallorcan Landscape and Train Journey
    3. How Long Does The Train To Sóller Take?
    4. Things To Do In Soller
      1. Soller Oranges
      2. Plaza Constitución
    5. Port de Soller Tram
      1. Soller Tram Timetable (first & last Departures)
    6. Soller Train and Tram Prices
      1. Soller Train FAQs
      2. Book The Boat, Tram & Train Island Tour

Where Does The Soller Train Go?

I rode the Soller tram and train as part of a full Mallorca day trip and actually did the journey in reverse. When on a tour they can run in either direction, similar to if the trip is taken independently. I first took the tram from Port de Soller to Soller and then the train from Soller to Palma.

Soller Mallorca Train
Tren de Soller at Soller train station

The Palma to Soller train can be boarded in Plaza de España in Palma. However if travelling as part of a coach trip in high season, it actually starts/finishes in Sa Indioteria about 5km outside of Palma. This is because there’s plenty of space for the buses to wait. There’s a bar and pay toilets (50 cents) at this location.

The station in Soller is also located at the ‘Plaza de España’, a short walk from the Plaza Constitución. At the bottom of the steps leading to the train platform is the tram station, so it’s not hard to miss!

Soller Mallorca Train Station
Soller Mallorca Train Station

There’s also a stop at Bunyola on the Palma to Soller train route, but when travelling as part of an organised tour, we were told to stay on board until we reached the coach park.

Soller Train Timetable (first & last departures)

First DepartureLast Departure
Soller to Palma9am6.30pm
Palma to Soller10.10am7.40pm

The Mallorcan Landscape and Train Journey

The wooden trains are lit with lamps and have metal and leather seats. In the summer season, the sash windows are wide open, allowing air to circulate. However it’s important to keep all heads and arms INSIDE the carriages, as the walls of the tunnels get very close to the sides of the trains.

One of the longest tunnels on the Palma to Soller train line is nicknamed ‘500’. This is because the tunnel is 500m/half a km long. As you can image, without the light from the lamps, you’d be in complete darkness! The longest tunnel is 2900m and takes almost 6 minutes to pass though!

Soller Mallorca

Personally I think for the best views, when travelling in the direction to Soller, sit on the lefthand side of the train (in the direction of travel). If travelling the route in reverse, heading to Palma, the righthand side has the best views.

It’s a bit disorientating leaving Soller and heading towards Palma as the valley is on one side of the train, but then you go through a tunnel, do almost 180º and suddenly it appears on the opposite side! So for views of Soller, everyone gets to enjoy it, regardless of the side you end up sitting on!

Soller Mallorca surrounded by mountains
Soller Mallorca from the Soller to Palma train

How Long Does The Train To Sóller Take?

The Palma to Soller train takes approximately 1 hour. There are 6 departures a day from both Palma and Soller.

Things To Do In Soller

Is Soller worth visiting? I liked it! Of course one of the best things to do in Soller is riding the historic train. So it’s a trip that’s very much about the journey as well as the destination.

Soller Oranges

The region around Soller is known for growing oranges and lemons. They were a big export in the 19th century, with the whole ‘Vall de Soller’ being full of orange trees. Today, several of the cafes and restaurants serve freshly squeezed Soller oranges, so make sure to enjoy a cup! I bought mine from an ice cream shop close to the train station!

Plaza Constitución

A short walk from the ‘Ferrocarril de Sóller’ station is the Plaza Constitución. Here you’ll find the parish church of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller. Next door is the bank of Soller, built in a similar style…possibly the fanciest branch of Santander that I’ve ever come across!

Plaza Constitución Bank of Soller Mallorca
Bank of Soller Mallorca

Around the plaza are lots of cafes and restaurants with outside seating. Even on a dry day, I found the tiles around the fountain in the centre of the square to be very slippery, so be careful when walking in this area!

Carrer de Sa Lluna is a narrow pedestrian street leading off from the the Plaza Constitución. This is main shopping street in Soller with lots of the typical tourist gift shops. During my visit there were lots of dream catchers hanging up between the buildings.

Port de Soller Tram

From Soller, take the tram to Port de Soller. The tram runs more frequently than the train, with 23 departures a day from both Soller and the port of Soller. They leave almost every hour and 30 minutes past the hour and take around 20 minutes to do the 5km route. There are several stops along the route as locals use it for transportation, as well as the tourists.

Wooden Soller tram in front of the church of Sant Bartomeu
Soller tram and the church of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller.

Soller Tram Timetable (First & Last Departures)

First DepartureLast Departure
Soller to Port de Soller8am8.35pm
Port de Soller to Soller8.30am9.05pm

During the summer months they have a few fully open sided trams in operation. Because the tram acts like a bus, they can sometimes be quite full with people standing for the journey. They also have wooden bench seats.

Similar to the train, the Soller tram dates back to 1913 and has wooden carriages. The tramway was once used for transporting cargo between the port and the town which is further inland. For example, oranges were taken from the groves to the port to be shipped to France and fish from the port was brought back to the town.

Port de Soller Tram Mallorca
Soller Tram along the promenade at Port de Soller Mallorca

Leaving Soller, the tram has similar views to the train, passing through countryside with many orange and lemon trees. Once it reaches the port of Soller, it then follows the promenade along Soller Playa to Port Soller Marina. The main station is behind Restaurants Mar y Sol.

Tram Port de Soller
Port de Soller

At Port de Soller, along with the main stretch of beach you’ll find many restaurants, cafes and tourist shops. As part of my Mallorca day trip, I had a boat trip along the northern coastline to Sa Calobra. The boat trip to Sa Calobra takes around 40 minutes.

The quick 30 second snapshot of the journey from Port do Soller to Soller (tram) & Soller to Palma (train).

Soller Train and Tram Prices

(Correct at the time of writing: 2022)

A return ticket for the Palma to Soller train: 25€

Single ticket for the Palma to Soller train: 18€

Combined train and tram ticket: 32€

Single ticket for the Soller tram: 8€

Soller Train FAQs

How much does the Soller train cost?

A return journey on the Soller train (Palma to Soller) is 25€. You can also purchase a combined ticket with the tram for 32€

How long is the train journey from Palma to Sóller?

The Palma to Soller train takes approximately 1 hour. There are 6 departures a day from both Palma and Soller.

Is the train to Sóller worth it?

I think the train to Sóller is worth it, especially when combined with the tram. (And even better as part of the full day island tour). It’s unique riding on wooden trains that date back over 100 years and you get to sit back and enjoy the scenery passing by the carriage windows. Don’t miss out on having fresh orange juice in Sóller!

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