Mallorca Day Trip: Explore The Island via Coach, Boat, Tram & Train!

One of the best Mallorca Day Trips is the full day island tour via coach, boat, tram and tram! Our tour covered over 300km/186 miles of the island. We started in Cala d’Or on the east coast so had to travel across the whole island to reach the north, where the majority of sightseeing took place. There are also departures from the north east and south coast too. Here’s what to expect of the island tour of Mallorca day trip!

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Mallorca Day Trip

Tour Itinerary

📍Start/end point: Cala d’Or

🕖Tour duration: 10.5 hours

🗺Distance covered: 300km

🚙Modes of transport: coach, boat, tram and train

*Note* Sometimes the tour is ran in the opposite direction depending on train and boat times



The first stop of our Mallorca day trip took us to Inca in the centre of the island. We were told we would be visiting a ‘leather factory’. I was expecting it to be a similar stop to the aloe vera farms that are on several Canary Island day tours, but to was literally a leather shop. It did have a free toilet plus a cafe, so it did make a good ‘rest’ stop depending on what you were after. On the plus I did end up buying my now to-go travel wallet

Street Art

Opposite Buades are some large street art murals and ‘Un Cami de 50 Anys de Vida’. Translated into English, this is ‘A Path of 50 Years of Life’. It’s a tunnel under the train line that has a 3D mural running the full length. There are so many little hidden details within the artwork it’s well worth taking a look at.

Inca Mallorca Street Art
Inca Mallorca Street Art

On the entrance of the tunnel there’s a sign in Spanish but here’s the translated version as it sums it up wonderfully:

A Path of 50 Years of Life (Un Cami de 50 Anys de Vida)

“Within this time tunnel, through the artistic and pictorial work of Manuel Bozada, we can contemplate and admire part of the life of the Inca city during the last 50 years, through all the daily things that, sometimes, passes unnoticed, squares, streets, building, entities, situations, men, women and children are drawn in this corner below the train tracks.”

A Path of 50 Years of Life Inca Tunnel Mallorca
A Path of 50 Years of Life – Inca, Mallorca

Serra de Tramuntana Mountains

After leaving Inca, the tour continues through the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. The mountains stretch almost the full length of the northern part of Mallorca. Puig Major is the highest peak at 1,436 m. It can be seen from both the bus and while on the boat trip.

Sa Calobra Road Mallorca
Sa Calobra Road

The mountain pass has many switch backs and can be slow going when there are cyclists on the route. The bus takes up most of the road when going around the corners! It does get close to the edge of the road but not enough to fear for your life!

There are some cool features of the road trip, including ‘The Knot’ (Nus de Sa Corbata) where the road turns 360 degree and then loops under itself through a small tunnel. Several places along the route have small parking areas at various view points. Including overlooking the top of the Torrent de Pareis canyon and the Mirador de Sa Calobra, which has views of the port of Sa Calobra that also sits in its own gorge.

Nus de Sa Corbata Mallorca Sa Calobra Road
‘The Knot’ (Nus de Sa Corbata)

A section of the road squeezes through a gap between 2 giant rocks. It’s only just big enough for 1 coach to get through at a time.

Sa Calobra

The Port of Sa Calobra has a handful of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Here’s another chance to use public toilets, but in both locations there is a 50 cent fee. A highlight is to head along the coastal path to Sa Calobra beach. The path goes through 2 tunnels in the canyon wall. Sa Calobra beach sits at the end of the Torrent de Pareis gorge.

Sa Calobra Beach Torrent de Pareis gorge with river in Mallorca
Torrent de Pareis Beach in Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra beach is a pebble beach and there are no facilities once you pass through the tunnels. It’s approximately a 15 minute walk from the main port area. There’s a large open area with a stream leading out to sea. You can also hike the length of the gorge but it can flood during rainy times and unfortunately there’s not enough time to do it on the day tour.

Our tour guide said you could go for a swim at the beach, but in reality there’s not even enough time to do that. Especially as people start lining up for the catamaran boat to Port de Soller quite early in order to get the best seats.

Port de Sa Calobra Mallorca
Sa Calobra

Boat: Sa Calobra to Port de Soller

The boat from Sa Calobra to Port de Soller takes around 40-45 minutes. The waters around Mallorca can get a little rough. Me and my parents started to feel a little sea sick after about 30 minutes (and someone else a little way behind was throwing up!). It’s best to sit up top on the outside deck and try to stare at the horizon if you suffer from motion sickness!

Northern Mallorca coastline
Northern Mallorca Coastline

Mallorca’s northern coast line is very rocky and mountainous. I was surprised that for the duration of the boat ride the scenery was just towering cliffs straight to the sea and not the typical white sandy beaches on the rest of the island!

The boat docks in the marina, just a short walk from the tram station in Port de Soller. Due to the timing of the boat and the train, we only had around 15 minutes to Port de Soller before we had to board our tram.

Port de Soller Tram Mallorca
Port de Soller

Tram: Port de Soller to Soller

The Port de Soller to Soller tram dates back to 1913. It was used as a way of transporting cargo between the town and the port, as well as being a means of passenger transportation. There are over 20 departures a day from Port de Soller and the journey takes around 20 minutes.

The trams are wooden, with wooden bench seats. During the summer months the sash windows are wide open, making it almost feel like it’s open air. They also have a few trams with completely open carriages. It runs along the promenade, before turning inland, passing by many orange and lemon groves that the area was once know for.

Tram Port de Soller
Soller Tram

Once we arrived in Soller, we had a short time where we could walk to the Plaza Constitución. Here you’ll see the parish church of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller and the Carrer de Sa Lluna which is the main shopping street. Make sure to swing by a cafe and grab a freshly squeezed orange juice!

Train: Soller to Palma

Running parallel to the tram station is the train station for the Soller to Palma train. There’s also a free toilet on the station platform. Similar to the tram, the wooden trains date back to 1912. There are only 6 departures a day from Soller, so the Mallorca day trip is usually timed around when the train leaves.

The Soller to Palma train takes an hour and passes through the Mallorcan countryside, across a viaduct and through a series of 13 tunnels. The longest is 2900m and takes 6 minutes to pass through! Without the lamps that light up the carriage, you’d be in total darkness!

Soller Mallorca Train
Soller to Palma Train

When travelling as part of a day trip, we disembarked at a station 5km from the centre of Palma. This is because there is a larger area for the coaches to park up and wait for the passengers. There’s a bar and a 50 cent fee public toilet, but for the most part everyone went directly back to the bus. It is the last opportunity to go to the toilet. Our return journey to Cala d’Or took 90 minutes, arriving back at our hotel just before 7pm.

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Mallorca Day Trip

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