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Last Updated on January 14, 2022

I keep it no secret that I’ve fallen in love with Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan. To the point where I even looked at house prices because I wanted to move there! I returned from my 2nd visit to Mears and was able to explore more of this little Midwest town. I’m now here to share with you my favourite things to do in Silver Lake Michigan!

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Updated: January 2022

Things to do in Silver Lake Michigan

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake State Park

Of course the first thing to do in Silver Lake is explore the Silver Lake Sand Dunes! Silver Lake State Park is divided into 2 sections: the pedestrian area (where you can also sandboard) and the ORV (off road vehicle) zone.  

There is a public car park at the base of the dunes. It has toilet facilities and a wooden staircase to make getting on top of the dunes a little easier. Well I say a little, on my last visit it seems that the dunes are claiming the staircase as their own. Visiting after it rains makes the sand easier to walk up! Although on the other hand, it then makes sand boarding harder…!

Things to do in Silver Lake Michigan

The sand dunes are partly sandwiched between Silver Lake on one side and Lake Michigan on the other as well as a woodland area. It’s crazy to see the contrast between the 2 different types of landscape.There’s endless dunes and then suddenly a straight line where the forest begins!  It is said that the dunes were formed after part of the forest was cut down. I find that hard to wrap my head around when you see that some of the dunes are taller than the trees!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Aerial view of Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV area opens for the season: April 1st 2022

ORV Area

The ORV area is fun to experience. You can either take along your own off roader or rent a vehicle from one of several businesses located within the town. The tallest dunes work on a one way system to avoid collisions. Then there are several areas that are a free-for-all.  It is important to use caution while in the dunes. As tempting as it is, here are a few points to remember:

  • You shouldn’t be going full speed when you reach the top of the dunes. This can cause vehicles to nose dive over the top and even roll.
  • There are the remains of tree stumps that have been ‘sand blasted’ over the years. It would be like hitting a brick wall if you were to run into them.
  • In the ‘Gravel Pit’ ATV riders like to do high speed donuts and drill themselves into the sand. This leaves giant holes that are wide and deep, and often camouflaged by the rest of the sand. Depending on your vehicle you may fall in and struggle to get out!
  • Don’t drive through water in a rental. It may look like a shallow puddle from a distance but I saw a buggy that was almost up to the ‘windows’ in the middle of the water. It had to be towed out by another vehicle. Engines and sand don’t mix.
  • If you take your own vehicle you’ll need to make some preparations, such as an orange visibility flag.
Silver Lake Sand Dunes ORV Michigan


One of my favourite parts was a wide, flat area which I nicknamed ‘the drag strip’. All different kinds of vehicles were racing each other! I had fun seeing how fast I could go (43mph)! As a small person I struggled to see over the front of my buggy so I didn’t trust myself going over the bigger dunes (I’m a quad biker…I like having lots of vision)!

The guy from rental company said that their busiest weekend is often Labor Day weekend. During this weekend they can reach up to 10,000 vehicles out on the dunes!

I can honestly say that Silver Lake State Park is my favourite State Park in the Midwest!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Rentals

A couple of the Silver Lake Sand Dunes rental companies that I have used and recommend are:

Silver Lake Buggy Rentals

Silver Lake Buggy Rentals – We found this rental company to have the most choice for dune buggies type vehicles. (Both 2 seaters and 4 seaters). Rates start from 2 hours, which we found was a good amount of time in the dunes. There are other companies that hire out jeeps or quad bikes.  You are taken to Silver Lake State Park in a shuttle bus and dropped off at the dunes with your buggy.  Depending on the type of vehicle you rent, you may have to follow the guide on an introduction drive before being ‘let loose’! You are then given a collection time for the shuttle back into town.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Michigan

If you’d still like to experience Silver Lake Sand Dunes in a vehicle that’s not self drive, Mac Wood’s Dune Rides offer 40 minute tours in a private section of the dunes. The company has been running dune rides since 1930! (Disclosure: I haven’t used this company but it’s a popular option for those that don’t want to drive).

Wave Club Water Sports

Wave Club Water Sports – Yes, by the name you’d think water and not sand dunes! I used this company to rent a sand board during my first trip! On my return visit they weren’t hiring sand boards because of the ‘wet’ dune conditions. This saves you from wasting money on getting all the way out there to find that the friction is too much. The board won’t even budge down the sand in these conditions.

Silver Lake (the actual lake)

Wave Club Water Sports also rent out pontoons, speed boats, paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis and sail boats. We were told that 2 hour pontoon rentals can’t be booked in advance. You have to book on the day and it’s first come first served. The office opens at 8am and they suggest ringing up as soon as it opens if renting on a busy weekend day.

Things to do in Silver Lake Michigan
Silver Lake Michigan

Silver Lake Beach

There’s a small beach with a large car park and toilet facilities, near the Silver Lake State Park Campground.  We took advantage of the free public barbecues.  The Parkside Store across the road stock everything you’d need, including mini bags of charcoal!  The water around the Silver Lake beach area is very shallow. We saw people quite a way out and it was still only waist deep!  Silver Lake is said to be 25ft at its deepest point so keep this in mind!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Michigan
Silver Lake Beach Michigan

Go Karting, Zip Lining and Mini Golf!

You don’t have to have kids to enjoy Craig’s Cruisers! As 4 adults we found it a great way to spend a morning in Silver Lake Michigan!  There’s an indoor arcade, a regular go-kart track, a SLICK go-karting track (which was HILARIOUS…think real life Mario Karts when the characters spin out on bananas!), a Soaring Eagle zip line (same as the zip line at Chestnut Mountain in Galena, IL), an 18 hole mini golf course on an ISLAND and bumper and peddle boats! Prices start from $6 or your can pick 5 attractions for $25.

Things to do in Silver Lake Michigan

Things To Do Near Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Little Sable Light Station

🗺287 N Lighthouse Dr, Mears, MI 49436, United States

The Little Sable Lighthouse was built in 1874 after several shipwrecks occurred in this area of Lake Michigan.  For a while the lighthouse was painted white to make it more visible during the daylight hours. But was restored back to brick that you can see today, in the 1970s. The lighthouse sits next to a small sandy beach. Visitors can climb 130 stairs to the top for $5 ($2 for under 12s) during the summer season.  We were told that the Little Sable Light Station is the best place in Silver Lake to watch the sunset!

Little Sable Light Station Silver Lake Michigan

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Many of the Michigan State Parks require a Recreation Passport to park in the car parks. Daily nonresident passes are $9 and are available from the State Park entrances. If you are staying in Silver Lake, the State Park is around a 20 minute walk from the town. The car park at Little Sable Light Station requires a pass too. It’s further away from the town and would take just over an hour to walk there. Information can be found on the Michigan DNR website.

Bamboozled Escape Room

🗺3243 W Lever Rd, Hart, MI 49420, United States

It’s always good to have a rainy day back up activity and it was needed during my visit!  Bamboozled Escape Rooms is located 15 minutes away from Silver Lake in the town of Hart. From the outside it does look a little sketchy and abandoned (the sign is spray painted on a big concrete block) but the lady running it couldn’t have been nicer!  

There are 3 themed rooms altogether, each with a different storyline and challenge. You have 60 minutes to crack the clues and escape.  We took part in ‘The Shop’ room, where we had to find $50,000 hidden in an old man’s garage and then get out.  I’ve now done several escape rooms around the world and this one was designed differently from those I have completed before!

Where To Eat in Silver Lake Michigan

Mears, Silver Lake Michigan

Silver Lake only has a few places to eat.  The majority of the ‘tourist accommodations’ are campgrounds so therefore the majority of people would have their own kitchen facilities.  As mentioned above, the free public barbecues in the Silver Lake State Park Campground. They are a good option for a cheap meal.  There are plenty of picnic benches and toilet facilities and it’s a nice place to people watch.

Sand Castle Restaurant

Our favourite place to eat was the Sand Castle Restaurant. If you are visiting during a weekend, they have an all you can eat breakfast buffet, with a limited breakfast ‘on request’ menu. But during the week the breakfast menu is HUGE. The prices are reasonable and the food is good. It’s what I’d refer to as a ‘greasy spoon’ cafe. A little like a transport/truck drivers cafe but that’s fine with me!

Silver Scoops

Silver Scoops is YUM. There’s a large ice cream menu serving up all different styles. As well as a typical fast food menu with things like sandwiches/subs and hotdogs. Silver Scoops only has outdoor seating (with umbrellas), which is lovely on a sunny day!

Dune Town has the Silver Lake Chicken Shack. For a few more eating options you may have to drive into Hart.

Where To Stay in Silver Lake Michigan

Dunes Waterfront Resort

I stayed at the Dunes Waterfront Resort.  There’s a whole range of different camping options in Silver Lake but not many hotels.  During my stay in July, all the hotels in Silver Lake were completely booked up. So look into booking in advance!  The biggest plus of staying at the Dunes Waterfront Resort is the view from the balcony. It’s definitely worth paying extra for the lake view.

Silver Lake Michigan Dunes Waterfront Resort
Sunset over Silver Lake Michigan

Being the honest blogger that I am, I will say that it IS an expensive hotel. The wifi was pretty none existent and the phone signal in Silver Lake is next to zero. There’s one AT&T tower that’s not that close by. There is also no restaurant (or breakfast) on site. But I still enjoyed my stay. 

It was clean and there was free tea and coffee in the room and in the lobby. The 4th floor has a fairly large pool, a games room and a roof terrace. I guess it depends on what your priorities are! We were happy to switch off, enjoy time as a family rather than being constantly online. We were happy to eat out in surrounding places too.

Other Hotels in Silver Lake

Silver Sands Resort is another hotel/motel option. It is just across the road from the Dunes Waterfront Resort and it has an outdoor swimming pool. Sierra Sands Family Lodge is a little further from the lakefront, with an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, plus a playground and fire pit. There aren’t many other hotels in Silver Lake, there are several more options in Hart.

Camping in Silver Lake

As mentioned above, there are many campgrounds in Silver Lake. The closest to the centre of town/dunes and Silver Lake are:

Silver Lake State Park Campground (200 spaces, beach, restrooms)

Sandy Shores Campground (outdoor swimming pool, playground, private beach, restrooms)

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park (outdoor swimming pool, arcade, fishing pond, playground, daily activities, restrooms, next door to Craig’s Cruisers)

Further from the main lake front:

Dunes Harbor Resort (outdoor swimming pool with waterslide, playground, camp store, daily activities, hammocks, ice cream shop, restrooms)

Silver Creek RV Resort (outdoor swimming pool, camp store, games room, fitness centre, beach, hot tub restrooms)

Silver Lake Resort & Campground (RV sites plus cabins, outdoor swimming pool, WiFi, playground, camp store, sports courts, restrooms)

Hideaway Campground (outdoor swimming pool, playground and restrooms)

Silver Lake Michigan Driving Distances

Grand Rapids, MI – 79 miles (1hr 20)

Sleeping Bear Dunes, MI – 106 miles (2hr 10)

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, IN – 179 miles (2hr 55)

Chicago, IL – 222 miles (3hr 55)

Detroit, MI – 234 miles (3hr 25)

Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI ferry – Takes around 3hrs 10 with a further 50 minute drive on to Silver Lake.

Illinois/Indiana Time Change

Travelling from Illinois/Indiana there is a 1 hour time zone change! (This has caught me out on both trips!). When at Silver Lake Sand Dunes, I would recommend wearing a watch as sometimes mobile phones will pick up the WISCONSIN phone towers. Therefore the time on the clock will change by itself!

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Things to do in Silver Lake Michigan

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  1. Way to rock on the sand board! Silver Lake Dunes looks like so much fun. I want to plan a trip around Lake Michigan sometime in the next couple of years, and I’ll definitely put this on my list of stops.

    1. That’s awesome! There’s a place you go by on the way there called “Holland” and there’s a little Dutch theme park that looks fun too!

    1. They were so much fun! The company I went with, Silver Lake Buggy Rentals, day they are the only family rental company. They have different buggies that are different sizes and prices etc. They say you have to be 18 to hire, but you can drive 1 type of buggy and atv’s at 16 (you HAVE to take a valid licence), 1 type of buggy is over 21 for a driver. As for ages it goes by car seats and booster seat ages and weights…if you are over 8yrs or over 80lbs then you don’t need a booster and can just ride in it…if you DO need a booster the only buggy you can rent are the ones where you have to be over 21 as they have the restraints to hold the seat. Otherwise there are companies that hire jeeps so I imagine that they’d be car seat friendly. If you don’t want to self drive the Mac Woods Dune rides are good for any age, children under 2 are free!

  2. My friend & his wife have a cottage (actually an old trailer) near the state park campground. His grandfather-in-law was the last lighthouse keeper at Little Sable Point. I always enjoy heading out there in May before the crowds arrive. This year there was still snow in the dunes when we went in early May!

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