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Last Updated on August 6, 2022

Because of geographical location of Dubuque Iowa, there are plenty of opportunities to get ‘up high’ and experience some of Dubuque’s vantage points!  Sitting along the banks of the Mississippi River, it is possible to see 3 States (Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin) at once from the majority of these viewpoints!

Viewpoints in Dubuque Iowa

Mines of Spain

My favourite trail is the Horseshoe Bluff. But if you’re looking for one with great views, you should head for the Julien Dubuque Trail to see the Julien Dubuque Monument! There’s a car park just a short walk from the monument or you can park in the lower car park and take a longer trail up through the woods.

The Monument was built in 1897 and is high up on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Julien Dubuque was the first settler in Iowa. He was granted the right to mine for lead on the Native American land and eventually the town of Dubuque was named after him. The Monument is the site of his grave

Julien Dubuque Memorial Tower

Looking in this direction you are greeted with views across the Mississippi River and over Illinois!  With your back to the monument, looking back up the river, you can see the spread of Downtown Dubuque! This trail is popular for a good reason!

Eagle Point Park

Another riverside viewpoint is from Eagle Point Park. This park is located on top of the bluff at Lock and Dam 11 and got its name for being a good spot to watch eagles during their migration! There are several ‘levels’ of parking spaces throughout the park. However for the best views head to the large parking area next to the Riverfront Pavilion (this pavilion was constructed in 1910)!

The riverwalk was created in the 1950s and is popular amongst visitors. The Mines of Spain is more of a ‘wild’ natural/hiking space, whereas Eagle Point Park is more like a garden with mowed grass and flower beds.

Eagle Point Park Iowa

It’s a place where you can hang out, have picnics and enjoy the views.  For younger visitors, there are plenty of play areas to let off some steam. Watch the barges travelling up and down the Mississippi River as they pass through the lock and dam!

Linwood Cemetery

As strange as it sounds, I knew Linwood Cemetery would have great views. Even though my first visit was at night! I went on a haunted history walk around the cemetery and just had to return in the daytime because in the pitch black I could just sense that it would be an impressive sight to see!

The cemetery opened in 1870 and the site is so big, they reckon that there’s enough space for over 1000 years more worth of burials. The best view can be found at the far side of the park in at area of cremation plots. It looks out over Downtown Dubuque (even at night all the city lights look pretty!)

Linwood Cemetery Dubuque Iowa

It may sound a little morbid but cemeteries are actually really interesting places to visit (I’ve come across a few on my travels!).  Linwood is home to a whole range of different headstones and mausoleums.  For example, the ‘Woodmen of America’ used to provide headstones to their members ‘free of charge’, during the early 1900’s.  These particular headstones are in the shape of tree trunks and stumps and the Linwood Cemetery has a few of these dotted around!

Fenelon Place Elevator (4th Street Elevator)

You can’t talk about Dubuque Iowa and not mention the 4th Street Elevator, it claims to be the shortest, steepest funicular railway in the world! You can drive to the top located on Fenelon Place (where the views are!) but there’s no fun in that! Between April and November I would recommend parking on 4th Street (the Bluff Street end) and spending $3 on a return adult ticket to ride the railway to the top!

Fenelon Place Elevator Dubuque Iowa

From the top you can see 3 States (Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois), the bridge in the image above is the Illinois border! There’s a small observation platform here.

The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

It’s not actually advertised on the website, but there’s an observation deck at the Mississippi River Museum! Find the elevator/lift that’s next to the gift shop and there’s a button that says observation deck. The elevator will only take you up so far, there’s then a short staircase to the top.

The deck is a square glass room giving you 360 degree views of Downtown Dubuque, the Mississippi River and the harbour alongside the museum. Obviously this is one of the more expensive viewpoints as you will need a ticket to the museum to access it. But that’s no hardship, the River Museum makes for a cool visit! You can read more in my post about my favourite things to see at the River Museum in Dubuque!

Mississippi River Museum Dubuque Iowa

Sundown Mountain Resort

Say what?! A mountain? In Iowa? Ok, so it’s not really a mountain but Dubuque does in fact have its own ski resort and the view from the top is pretty nice, especially at sunset! Being a ski resort it is seasonal, so it’s more of a winter viewpoint! I went to Sundown to learn to ski, but they also have live music at the ski lodge on certain nights through the season.

Sundown Mountain Sunbowl Dubuque

Dubuque Hotels With River View Rooms

The closest hotel to the Mississippi River is the Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark.  They have both river view rooms and ones that face the Downtown District. The hotel also has an indoor waterpark, making it a huge attraction for families with young kids (or big kids…I’ve been to the waterpark twice and stayed at the hotel once). It’s right next to the Mississippi River Museum, so the views are fairly similar to the ones you can see there.

Another hotel worth noting is the Hotel Julien, it sits slightly further back from the Mississippi on Main Street but still has great views! I stayed in a room on the 7th floor (the top) and this was the view from my room, overlooking the harbour and the William M Black barge (which you can take a tour of at the River Museum).

Hotel Julien Dubuque Mississippi River View

Bonus Viewpoint

Not in Dubuque, but Timmerman’s Supper Club in East Dubuque in Illinois (just across the bridge in the photo above) has great views! I’ve been for their Sunday Brunch a couple of times as well as their evening meal service!

If you’re after more Mississippi River views further afield (after all the Mississippi is a pretty long river!) you can check out my Mississippi River post!

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The best viewpoints in Dubuque Iowa USA

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  1. Love Dubuque – I have been there several times. Mostly to Eagle watch in the middle of the winter, but always an enjoyable visit. That area is a gem for the Midwest.

  2. I love the Dubuque area! We spent a lot of time at Maquoketa when we lived in Iowa. And if you get a chance go up to Spooky Cave in MacGregor! SO many hidden treasures in that area of Iowa!

  3. We love Dubuque and these are fantastic! We love Eagle Point Park and the Elevator, but have some new ones to try and Timmerman’s is on my list as well!

    1. Timmerman’s Sunday brunch is yummy! If you’re feeling active the gold course opposite do ‘foot golf’…it’s like the full size golf course but with soccer balls!

  4. We’re planning a Great River Road trip this summer,so of course, we’ll be going through Dubuque. It’s been many years since we’ve spent time in Dubuque, so your tips will come in handy. Thanks!

    1. Yay! I love the Millwork District which has kinda only come about in the last 2 years! There are some good restaurants and a lovely coffee shop in that area!

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