Perth to Coral Bay: Western Australia Road Trip Itinerary

I could have spent an awful lot longer in Western Australia.  But as a part time traveller who just wants to see as much as possible, I crammed a 3000km road trip into just 7 days and I loved every single second.  This is my 1 week Western Australia road trip itinerary, including where I stopped each night, what there is to see on the route and how we spent our time in our overnight town stops!  I designed my trip so I either had a full afternoon or morning in the towns that we stopped at.   If you don’t have the time to go from Perth to Exmouth, Perth to Coral Bay is well worth the trip!

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Perth to Coral Bay Trip Notes

Duration: 7 days

Distance: 2700km+

Month of Travel: April

Method of Travel: Camper van (Toyota HiAce)

Start/Finish Point: Perth Airport

Western Australia Road Trip Itinerary


Day 1

Perth Airport – Lancelin: 144km (approx 1hr45)

When flying in from the UK, on a 24 hour flight, I debated either staying a night in Perth…which I didn’t really have the flexibility with all the other places I wanted to include on the trip, or jump in a Campervan as soon as we landed (at 6am) and hit the road.  As you can see, we hit the road!  Driving just a short distance to Lancelin.  We were there well before lunch time so literally spent the day strolling around Lancelin, laying in hammocks and napping!

Accommodation: Lancelin Lodge

The great thing about having a camper like a HiAce, it was small enough to fit in a car parking bay if we decided to actually stay in a hotel rather than camp.  Travelling over Easter, I struggled to find places where we could stop for just 1 night.  For $15, Lancelin Lodge let us camp in the car park and use the hostel facilities, such as the toilets & showers, WiFi, hammocks and communal kitchen.

Lancelin Lodge can be booked via HERE

Day 2

Lancelin – Nerren Nerren: 490km (approx 6hrs with stops)

Things to do in Lancelin: My reason for stopping in Lancelin was because I wanted to go sand boarding in their dunes!  We spent the whole morning at the dunes before hitting the road around lunch time.  Sand boards can be hired from the petrol station or the little supermarket in town.

Lancelin Sand Dunes Western Australia

Where to stop on route: The Pinnacles Desert in Namburg National Park.  Lots of bright yellow limestone ‘towers’ of all shapes and sizes, sticking out of the desert floor.  A fun stop for an hour.  We parked up and walked around them, but there is a driving trail too.

Accommodation: Nerren Nerren Rest Stop.

This can’t really be called accommodation.  It’s a giant lay-by area off Highway 1 where you are allowed to camp for free for 24 hours.  We chose this particular rest stop because it had toilets, but there was no electric hook up or water.  This is where the gas cooker in the camper came in handy and being in the outback we made sure we always carried plenty of water with us.  We arrived here just after dark.

Nerren Nerren Rest Stop

Day 3

Nerren Nerren – Coral Bay: 520km (approx 5hrs)

Where to stop on route: We left Nerren Nerren straight after breakfast.  We stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn sign for a couple of photos on the way to Coral Bay!

Things to do in Coral Bay: Arriving at lunch time meant we had the whole afternoon in Coral Bay.  I had packed my own snorkelling gear and I hired a stand up paddle board from a hut on the main beach.

Accommodation: Bayview Coral Bay

We stayed on the camp site part of Bayview but they also have rooms available.  Pitches were quite small but the beach was literally a 1 minute walk away which made it completely worth it!

Bayview Coral Bay (rooms) can be booked via HERE

Western Australia Road Trip
Coral Bay & Shell Beach

Day 4

Coral Bay – Monkey Mia: 580km (approx 6hrs)

Where to stop on route: Again, we left straight after breakfast.  We stopped at the sign for the 26th Parallel (like the Tropic of Capricorn, but the Parallels are the invisible lines that go from north to south!)

A MUST stop is Shell Beach.  From a far it just looks like bright white sand, but when you get up close, the WHOLE thing is thousands of little tiny white shells, it’s pretty amazing.  We also went paddling in the water, we waded out for miles and it was still only knee deep and the water was crazy clear!

Things to do in Monkey Mia PM: Swim (and hunt for dolphins!)!  The sea was so calm and blue and everyone just seems to be zoned out scanning the horizon for dolphins, makes it a very relaxing place!

Accommodation: Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

Again, we slept in our camper van but the Resort also has a hotel.  We had an electric hook up pitch and we could even reach the WiFi from our camper.  An ostrich stuck his head into our camper and I screamed so much, it peed right in our doorway.

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort (rooms) can be booked via HERE

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort

Day 5

Monkey Mia – Kalbarri: 400km (approx 4hrs)

Things to do in Monkey Mia AM: Catch a sunrise!  Seriously, Monkey Mia is probably home to one of my favourite sunrises.

Western Australia Monkey Mia Sunrise

Stick around for the Dolphin feeds!  There are 3 feeds a day where MOST of the time, wild dolphins will come right up to the waters edge to be fed.  A few people in the crowd, will be chosen during each talk, to go and feed the dolphins by hand.  This is limited to encourage the dolphins to go out and hunt for themselves.  The fish they are fed literally act like a snack rather than a meal.  It’s awesome to be able to get so close to the dolphins and listen to the guide talk about them!  We stayed for 2 talks and were still on the road by 10am.

Things to do in Kalbarri PM: The Holiday Park owner encouraged me and my friend (both adults) to go and play on the giant jumping pillow in the playground at the site, so we spent the first part of the afternoon jumping around on that!  Then we went into Kalbarri town and relaxed on the beach…or if you’re me, throwing myself off the jetty into the sea!

Kalbarri Western Australia

Accommodation: Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park.  As mentioned above, the staff were so friendly and told us to go and play in the playground even though we were adults!  I paid a little extra at this site to get a pitch with our own private toilet and shower building.  We could even lock it so we were sure that no one else could come by and use it!  It was just a short walk from the beach and the supermarket.

Day 6

Kalbarri – Ledge Point: 470km (approx 5hrs)

Things to do in Kalbarri AM: Visit Kalbarri National Park.  It is however, a 26km drive on unpaved roads to reach Nature’s Window.  I think it was the roughest road I have ever travelled on!  When I visited in April the river was dried up and there were 3 million flies…one even sat on my lip while I was having my photo taken…it was disgusting!

Nature's Window Kalbarri Western Australia

Where to stop on route: Pink Lake at Port Gregory.  Pink Lake, really is a lake that’s pink.  However depending on things like the time of day and the weather, the water may be really bright pink or not so much!  During my visit it was only really the water around the edge of the lake, in the shallow areas, that was pink.

Pink Lake Western Australia

Accommodation: Ledge Point Holiday Park

Ledge Point is literally just past Lancelin, heading back to Perth.  We nearly had the camp site to ourselves and could choose whatever pitch we wanted!  There was a swimming pool and a playground.  The site was a short walk to the beach, that we stopped at for a little look before heading back to the site via the local shop for an ice cream!

Day 7

Ledge Point – Perth Airport: 130km (approx 1hr 40)

We had a lunch time flight on to Alice Springs so left Ledge Point at 5.30am to be able to return the camper and get back to the airport in time!

Ledge Point Western Australia

Final Points

There was so much more to see and do in Western Australia, we barely scratched the surface!  I feel like the trip I took gave us a nice introduction to the area and the beaches that we stopped at were AMAZING!  Coral Bay is home to some of the bluest sea I have ever seen!

  • Keep in mind that dawn and dusk are the times of day when wildlife are most likely to be present.  There was only one day where we got a bit carried away and ended up driving at night.  Thankfully we didn’t see any wildlife (only roadkill) but I would hate to think what damage hitting a kangaroo would have done!
  • The roads are long and straight.  If it’s possible, switch drivers every couple of hours.  Some places have ‘Driver Reviver Rest Stops’ that have free coffee for drivers.  We tried to fill up with fuel every time we passed a fuel station just so we always had a full tank.  This gave us an excuse to switch drivers too!
  • Make sure you have a paper map as well as a GPS.  Our GPS actually stopped working during one part of the trip.  I had Googled the route before hand so roughly knew where we were going!

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Western Australia Road Trip Itinerary Perth to Coral Bay

7 Day Western Australia Road Trip Itinerary Perth to Coral Bay


Disclosure: Please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking.  It comes at no extra cost to you but it helps me with the running of this site!  As always, opinions are my own.


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    1. Thanks! Yeah we laughed and said it was our beach crawl! My friend recently said me a picture of some original itinerary ideas and it had changed so much! We had wanted to go South of Perth too but had to cut it out!

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      1. Interesting! I have all those places on my list to visit still, just never made the time (or have the money) to get there yet haha.


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