48 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

When it comes to travel, I think nothing of jumping on the first flight of the day, visiting a country, seeing some of the sights, have dinner somewhere, stay the night and then take the last flight back home on the following day.  Sometimes when you don’t get a lot of days off to travel you have to learn to maximise the little amount of time you have!  In today’s “48 Hours in…” guide I share my tried and tested itinerary on how to spend 2 Days in Prague, Czech Republic.  Including cool things to see and do, where to eat and where I stayed!

Trip Notes

Duration: 1 night, 2 half days of exploring. (Saturday – Sunday)

Month of Travel: April

Things to See & Do in Prague

Day 1 – PM (arriving Midday):

The Dancing House

We had planned to visit The Dancing House for a photo stop later on in the day but we accidentally stumbled across it on the way to Glow Golf!  It’s a glass building near the river that looks like someone has grabbed the top and twisted the whole thing around a couple of times.  It’s a cool piece of architecture to see!

Prague Golf and Games

I love crazy golf! Prague Golf and Games has a glow in the dark indoor mini golf course!  There are 18 brightly coloured holes that are Prague themed, the image below is a representation of the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square!  There are also various table top games that are free to play.  Adults have the option to buy a ticket that includes 2 bottles of beer (the price works out that you get 1 bottle for free) for 259kc ($10/£8).  I bought this ticket, my sister bought just a regular adult golf ticket 209kc ($8/£6.50) and then we had a beer each.  Kids cost 119kc ($4.50/£3.70).

There is also an Escape Room but we didn’t do this.  Escape Rooms take roughly 60 minutes to complete, so this time may have to be factored into a short trip itinerary!  However, I did do one during 48 hours in Krakow (Poland) and it was a really fun experience!

Glow Golf Prague

Charles Bridge

Packed out with Musicians and Artists selling paintings and crafts and one of Prague’s ‘Icons’ as there are 2 fancy towers on either end.  Good to see on the way to the…

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall was one of the highlights of my visit to Prague.  It’s a length of wall covered in brightly coloured (mainly) positive messages and pictures (lets face it, someone is always going to draw a picture of genitals…).  We hit it at the perfect time when there happened to be a busker there.  It was a young guy that had the power to get a whole crowd of different nationalities all singing along to his songs.  Just seemed very fitting that people were coming together and acting as one, in front of a wall of positivity.

Day 2 – AM:

Astronomical Clock – Old Town Square

When on such a short visit, I like to wake up fairly early not only to try and squeeze in as much as possible, but to also try and see some of the usually crowded sights with less people.  Even at 9am, the Old Town Square was full of people!  Again, the Astronomical Clock is another of Prague’s ‘Icons’.  You can also go up inside it but I was happy just to see it from the outside.  There are lots of really colourful buildings with cool architecture in the Old Town Square and some little narrow side streets!

Segway Rent Prague

My all time FAVOURITE way to see a city when you are pushed for time, is to take a Segway tour.  I had googled tour companies in advance and booked online but during the day there are plenty of tour representatives dotted in the Old Town Square and the wide pedestrian area near the Mustek metro station.  They will even let you have a little try before deciding if you’d like to book.  Like many of the Sunday morning Segway tours I have taken, me and my Sister were the only 2 in our group.  This is just the way we like it as often the guides will ask what you are interested in, if there is anywhere you’d like to see.  We said ‘the other side of the river so were taken to:

  • John Lennon Wall
  • Kampa Island (an area next to the river but a small canal runs around it technically making it an island)
  • Vojan Gardens (full of peacocks just hanging about!)
  • Prague Castle (high up view points of the city)
  • Stahov Monastery (from the outside)
  • Petrin Park
  • Kafka Museum (from the outside, interesting statues in the courtyard)

You learn a lot about the area and it’s nice to be led around by a local who will often talk to you like a friend when you stop for rests!  Our guide even gave me and my sister yellow dandelions that he attached to our Segways to make them pretty!

Day 2 – PM:

Bobova Draha (Toboggan Run)

Bobova Draha is an 800 metre ‘alpine’ toboggan run located on the edge of the city centre in Praha 9.  It can be reached by taking the Metro (red line) to Prosek station.  On a Sunday lunch time in April, me and my sister had the place to ourselves!  Each run down the track costs 70kc ($2.80/£2.20), bargain, so we went twice!  It’s a continuous loop, so when you reach the bottom you stay on the sled and get pulled back up the hill to the top!  There is also a restaurant and a high ropes course on site.

Toy Museum – Prague Castle

Prague Castle doesn’t really look like a normal old fashioned castle.  There are also areas you can walk around for free and then various options with different entrance fees for different areas!  We visited the Toy Museum part, full of old Czech toys and a huge Barbie doll display.  One part of the museum had Christmas decorations and there was a tree with ornaments that looked like plastic steaks?!  A Czech tradition maybe?!  (If you know why this is, please let me know in the comments, I’d love to find if it has a meaning!).  If you squish yourself against the upstairs windows, you can also view the Golden Lane for ‘free’, this is a row of really tiny brightly coloured little shops that cost more to visit that the cost of the Toy Museum ticket!

Waldstein Palace Gardens

We stumbled across these walled gardens on the way back down from the Castle.  There was an Albino peacock, a huge fish pond and a really strangely texture wall which was cool to see!

The Narrowest Street in Prague

We came across this purely by chance when we saw a tour group all gathered around a ‘crack’ in the wall.  Located near the Kafka Museum next to a triangle grass ‘traffic island’.  It’s literally an alleyway between 2 buildings, that leads down to a restaurant.  The gap though is so small that it’s impossible for 2 people to pass, it even has its own traffic light system!

The Narrowest Street In Prague Czech Republic


Where to Eat & Drink in Prague

Vytopna Railway Restaurant

I really love this place!  Every booth in the restaurant is ‘serviced’ by a miniature railway track!  Drink orders are then delivered to the table by little trains!  The restaurant mainly serves pizza but there are a couple of other options too.  There are 2 locations in Prague.  I visited the one in the food court in the Palladium Shopping Centre at the Namesti Republiky train station, the newest out of the two and the service was SO fast.

Vytopna Prague

Choco Cafe

Again, the Choco Cafe has a couple of locations in the city centre.  It’s a cute little coffee shop that sells chocolate to.  I definitely recommend the hot chocolate, it literally tastes like thick melted chocolate!  I bought a regular hot chocolate (with chopped nuts and whipped cream!) but be aware that it is quite bitter…tastes more like dark chocolate.  My sister had a white hot chocolate and that was AMAZING, get that one!

Pivovar Strahov A Restaurace Sv. Norbert

Big crazy name huh!?  We stopped here for a rest on our Segway tour, located opposite the Stahov Monastery.  The special thing about it, is that it’s part brewery too, with the beers being brewed by the Monks from the Monastery.  My beer was served in a cute little half pint mug with a handle!  Even though we visited in April, we sat in the outside seating area  as there were lovely warm patio heaters!

48 Hours in Prague

Hot Potato on the Prague Castle Steps

OK so there’s not a restaurant called ‘Hot Potato’, at the bottom of the Castle Steps (east entrance, not far from Malostranska Metro Station) there is a little kiosk that sells smoothies, hot drinks, sausages, corn cobs and spiral hot potatoes on a stick!  It’s a yummy cheap snack that just looks too cool for words.

Staroprazske Tradicni

If you’ve done any research on Prague, you’ve probably come across Trdelniks!  A dough cone that’s cooked over coals and coated in sugar.  I had mine filled with ice cream so it acted like an ice cream cone and my sister had one filled with chocolate and chopped strawberries.  I stopped at Staroprazske Tradicni on the way between Mustek Metro Station and the Old Town Square.  They are sold all over the place, this one just happened to be there when we were hungry!

Where to Stay in Prague

Hotel U Martina

1111kc ($44/£35) PN – Breakfast included.

Hotel U Martina is located on the Prague Castle side of the river, just a few minutes walk away from the Andel Metro Station.  I found it cheaper to stay that little bit further away from the Old Town.  It’s located in a quiet area so it’s possible to get plenty of sleep!  The room I stayed in was ‘in the roof’ so technically there were no windows…only skylights but you could stand on the bed and still see the view! (Header Image)


  • I LOVED the colour of my room (the bed sheets where bright blue and the towels were laid out in shapes on the bed!)
  • The breakfast included odd flavoured teas like cinnamon, cherry yoghurt and strawberries and cream
  • The price & location

You can find Hotel U Martina on Booking.com HERE

Other Notes

Transport used:

The city is very walkable but we did use the following transport during our stay.

Airport Bus to the city centre.

The Metro.  *TIP*  Tickets last for a time frame rather than individual days.  Being only a weekend trip, we played it smart.  We bought our 24 hour ticket late in the afternoon on Saturday so we could get from where we ate dinner in the city centre to across the river to our hotel that was just down the road from Prague Castle.  The following day we used it to get back to the Old Town early morning, to and from the Bobsled Track and then once to get us from the Castle to the Airport Bus stop at Hlavni Station before our flight home Sunday evening.  Therefore maximising every last minute of a 24 hour ticket!

48 Hours in Prague Czech Republic

48 Hours in Prague

Disclosure: Please note some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking.  It comes at no extra cost to you but it helps me with the running of this site!  As always, opinions are my own.



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    1. I used a ‘things to do in Prague with kids’ guide, it came up with so many cool ideas compared to the see this see that! The railway place is awesome! I told my Uncle and Cousin about it and they went when they visited too!


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