4 Adventurous Whistler Summer Activities To Add To Your Itinerary!

Now my regular readers will know that I’m not a fan of winter or being cold.  So of course I’m more likely to be attracted to a ski resort when ironically there’s no snow.  These little mountain towns do summer activities SO WELL.  Just take Mayrhofen, Austria in Summer…AMAZING!  Canada is no different, Whistler is full of awesome summer activities.  I share some of my favourite activities in this things to do in Whistler summer guide!

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Hikes In Whistler: Whistler Glacier Tour, Canada

When flicking through a list of ‘adventure activities’ on offer in Whistler, Canada, Glacier Hiking caught my eye.  I’m not THAT fit but I’d never really witnessed snow in summer and especially not a giant glacier, so the chance to hike up one in August definitely caught my interest.  I signed up for a half day tour, climbing up Whistler Mountain with Whistler Alpine Guides (now Mountain Skills Academy).  A tour is a MUST.  The route I took was closed to the general public.

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