Oahu Waterfall Hikes: Waimea Falls, Hawaii

There are a few different waterfalls in Oahu, however some of them can’t be seen year round, as it depends on things like rainfall (*did you know* Uluru/Ayers Rock actually has waterfalls after heavy rains but then they’ll dry up!).  One of my favourite experiences in Hawaii was swimming in Waimea Falls!  There’s an easy hike through the Waimea Valley to reach the falls too.

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What To Do In Lake Bled, Slovenia: 10 Fun Things To See and Do

I didn’t really know what to expect when it was decided I’d be going to Slovenia.  My mum chose the destination and booked it all, so unlike my other trips, I purposely didn’t over the top research and look at photos, so it’d be a surprise for me when I arrived.  Slovenia impressed me.  The people were friendly, I liked some of its quirky aspects and it didn’t feel packed full of tourists.  Here are some of my favourite things to do in Bled after my 7 day stay!

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