Waimea Falls – Waterfall Hikes: Oahu, Hawaii

There are a few different waterfalls in Oahu, however some of them can’t be seen year round, as it depends on things like rainfall (*did you know* Uluru/Ayers Rock actually has waterfalls after heavy rains but then they’ll dry up!).  One of my favourite experiences in Hawaii was swimming in Waimea Falls!  There’s an easy hike through the Waimea Valley to reach the falls too!

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Surfing & Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

One of my favourite travel experiences didn’t involve  splashing out somewhere luxurious, in fact, it was somewhere the complete opposite.  I stayed on a beach in a shelter with no walls and no electricity, yet I feel so lucky to have been able to experience it!  This was my first experience of Central America and my first real solo trip!

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