72 Hours in Barcelona Winter City Break – Spain

When you don’t get a lot of days off to travel you have to learn to maximise the little amount of time you have!  In today’s Mini Travel Guide I share my tried and tested itinerary on how to spend 72 hours in Barcelona, Spain.  Including cool things to see and do, where to eat and where I stayed!  Visiting Barcelona in January or December is a great choice, the weather is comfortable and the beach doesn’t have 2 million bodies on it!

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Travel as a Left Hander

Unfortunately I was blessed with the joy of being left handed.  Scissors are a nightmare, tin openers are a big no no (I have a huge scar on my finger to prove it!) and my hand writing looks like a spider has stepped in ink and crawled over the page…and the smudges don’t help!  I was recently researching a possible travel destination and I read something that made me think what it’s like to travel as a left hander.

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