8 Places to Enjoy the Outdoors in Dubuque, Iowa!

Who’s ready for the summer?!  There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Dubuque, Iowa.  In this post I share some of my favourites, along with some of my bucket list plans for this summer!  Are there any others you’d add to the list?

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Dubuque on Ice Brewfest 2017

On the 3rd Saturday of February, The Mystique Casino and Resort hosts the Dubuque on Ice Brewfest.  This year there were around 66 vendors, from various, mainly Midwestern, breweries and distilleries, all offering multiple drinks to be sampled!  On entrance everyone was given a Brewfest pint glass, a drawstring backpack, a guide book and a cloth wristband and then let loose on the Mystique Ice Rink (covered of course!! Could you imagine mixing an ice floor and alcohol?!?! Although that could possibly be hilarious…) for 3 hours, 4 for those that purchased VIP tickets!

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Riding The Fenelon Place Elevator: Dubuque, IA

When I knew I was moving ‘to’ Dubuque Iowa, I began researching the area like a tourist.  I saw pictures of the Fenelon Place Elevator (aka Forth Street Elevator) and put it straight to the top of my new found Iowa bucket list!  History:  Originally built in 1882, it is the world’s shortest, steepest funicular railway.  It started life as a way for a local man, Mr Graves, to get between his home, on top of the hill and his place of work at the bottom, cutting out a journey that would usually take him 30 minutes.  It was powered using a steam engine which pulled the car up the hill using rope.  It first opened for public use in 1884.  In 1893, a fire destroyed the elevator and Mr Graves couldn’t afford to rebuild it.  10 neighbours clubbed together to get it back up and running, the steam engine was replaced with a motor engine and steel cable instead of rope.

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