Taste of the World – Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Dubuque, Iowa

Taste of the World is an annual free event that takes place in Dubuque, Iowa.  It is hosted by the Multicultural Family Center and celebrates Dubuque’s cultural diversity.  It was so refreshing to attend an event that brought so many different nationalities together under one roof.  Everyone was smiling and chatting and having a great time!

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Christmas Tree Time Capsule

We’ve always used our Christmas tree as a way to display our memories.  Whenever I travel, I try to find my Mum a Christmas decoration as a gift (Travel Souvenirs: Christmas Edition).  Now I’m living in America, I’m starting my very own travel/memory tree!

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How to Have a British Christmas in America

This year will be my first Christmas day away from home.  I’ve spent every year doing the same traditions and to be honest, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without them!  Now I’m living in America, I’m going to bring a few of my UK traditions to my US life!

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My Local British Bucket List

Before I emigrate, me and my Mum came up with a bucket list of all the things we wanted to do together before I left.  There was a mixture of things we’d done before, enjoy doing and just wanted to do again and some things that were completely new to us.  We worked out roughly a 1 hour radius from our home so we could do some things in an afternoon, an Essex bucket list with a small side of London!

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10 Reasons to Love the Great (but tacky) British Seaside

I find it amazing that no matter where you are within the UK, you are never more than 70 miles away from the sea.  Growing up in Essex it was always such a treat to spend a Saturday afternoon either in Clacton or Southend, me and my Sister used to beg to go!  Granted, they aren’t the nicest seaside towns in Britain, there are some really lovely ones around the country, but they still had all the things that make British seaside towns great, even though they may be a little tacky and outdated, I love them.

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May Day Celebrations – Hastings UK

The English are strange.  I’m allowed to say that, I am English!  For the past 20+ years I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to May Day celebrations.  It’s a Bank Holiday here in the UK, but I’ve always spent it camping at Truckfest, in a little bubble of trucks and lorries.  This year, to shake things up, me and my family spent the weekend in Hastings, not realising when it comes to May Day, they take it pretty seriously!  Put it this way, I woke up Monday morning to see a woman dressed as a bush run by the caravan!

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Icelandic Chocolate Easter Eggs

Icelandic Easter EggAs a part time traveller and living in the UK, Easter is a great time to travel as it means extra ‘public holiday’ days off work!  It almost means that I’ve been able to experience how other cultures celebrate Easter and Iceland tops it when it comes to their AMAZING chocolate eggs.  Iceland has its own chocolate factory ‘Noi Sirius’ located just outside of Reykjavik, they are the masters behind the eggs.  The eggs come in different sizes (from size 2 up to 10) and are FILLED with all different types of Icelandic chocolate and sweets, such as: chocolate caramels, malt balls, chocolate covered liquorice and hard boiled sweets.  Mine was a size 4, it had a chick on the top, a chocolate and flowers stuck to the egg and LOADS of sweets inside.

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Visiting Tivoli Garden’s in Copenhagen, Denmark

Visiting Tivoli Gardens CopenhagenWhen it comes to theme parks and ‘extreme sports’, I’m the equivalent of a plane spotter.  Not only do I love a good kick of adrenaline, but I’m a sucker for the stats; height, speed, depth, inversions, g force etc etc but AGE isn’t normally something that comes up very often.  In 2014 the 2nd oldest rollercoaster in the world, ‘Rutschebanen’, turned 100 years old! ‘Rutschebanen’ is a wooden roller coaster located at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It may not be the most adrenaline fuelled coaster, but it brought smiles to mine and my sister’s faces every time we rode it (yes, we went on it multiple times!).

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