A Museum like NO OTHER: City Museum St Louis, Missouri

It’s hard to find the words to describe just how crazy the City Museum in St Louis is.  The best I can come up with is a ‘giant creative steam punk playground’!  It’s definitely not your typical museum!  It’s literally a giant mash of sculptures, where everything can be climbed on/up/through or slid down!  This is the work of Bob Cassilly and his team of 20 other artists and sculptors!  The City Museum opened in 1997 and is built in a disused building that was part of the International Shoe Company Factory.

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Journey to the Top: Tips for Visiting the Gateway Arch, St Louis

Back in 2011 when I drove the length of Route 66 with my family, we were gutted that by the time we reached St Louis (Missouri), there were no available tickets left on sale for that day to go to the top of the Gateway Arch.  It’s exactly what it says on the tin, a giant 630ft silver archway that is the ‘Gateway to the West’ for those crossing the Mississippi River.  When I returned a couple of weekends back, I had my fingers crossed that the same wouldn’t happen again!  Luck was on my side and I was finally able to experience it.

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Missouri: 5 Things to Eat at a Cardinals Baseball Game

One of the items on my USA bucket list was to visit a Major League baseball game.  I remember playing a game on the computers at school where you were a food vendor at a baseball game and you had to throw packets of peanuts at the customers that were waving at you…there was a huge part of me that wanted to see peanut packets flying round the stadium (of course thanks to health and safety, this doesn’t actually happen in real life)!  I knew food was going to be expensive but we couldn’t help but pig out on our recent trip to watch the Cardinals play at the Busch Stadium in St Louis.  Here are some of the best places to eat before and during the game!

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