Review: The Happiness Advantage. Are You An Orange Frog?

Recently for my job, I was sent on a course about how to have a happy, positive way of thinking in life.  No, it wasn’t an anger management course and no I was not sent on it because I’m a grump bag!  It started by reading a parable called The Orange Frog.  All the frogs in the pond were green, when one of them started to think positive, he became more orange.  At first, the other frogs thought being orange and different was a bad thing.  But the positivity started to rub off on all the frogs around him and soon they all became orange.  They realised that although bad things may happen in their life, their outlook could change the way they were affected by it.

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Things to be Thankful For

Recently there just seems to have been so much negativity around.  First there was Brexit, then there was the US election (yep I was lucky enough to live through both, I emigrated between the two events) and I’ll be honest that I’ve not always exactly looked at my life in America in a positive light.  Considering it’s Thanksgiving, what better time to write a post about the small things that I should be thankful for?!

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The Importance of Fulfilling a Childhood Dream

I can’t remember exactly how old I was, early high school years maybe, a family friend of ours had just returned from travelling around Australia.  Every time he had rang home, his mum had put a pin on a map, I thought it was awesome.  He then showed me the photos of him climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and that was it, I knew I had to do it too…climb up a bridge, how cool!!!  From that point, I had made it my goal that one day I would visit Australia, 10000 miles away.  It was the first thing on my bucket list and something I was desperate to complete ASAP.

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How I Use Travel to Relieve Stress

I struggle when it comes to switching off from work.  If I’ve had a bad day, it tends to play on my mind for the rest of the evening.  I’ll then dread having to go in and do it all again the following day, it’s a vicious circle.  I always want to do my best and that’s part of the problem!  I’ve found that TRAVEL is my ultimate stress reliever.  For me, the travel journey doesn’t necessarily start when I step on the plane, or get in a car, it’s the whole process, even the planning stages.  I feel relaxed and happy, knowing I’m doing something that I love and means the world to me.  Literally.

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5 Important Qualities That Are Needed to be the ULTIMATE Long Distance Power Couple!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  When you’re in a long distance relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t really any different from any other day!  Me and my other half aren’t bothered about celebrating it.  It holds no real relevance to us (it’s not a day where we met, got engaged and it’s not our wedding anniversary), we’ve spent the last 3 apart and don’t need a certain day to let each other know that we love them.  Distance makes us feel a bit like a power couple.  If we can get through this temporary situation, surely we can get through anything that life throws at us.  Here are 5 qualities that make long distance couples the strongest in the world!

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40 Little Things That Make Me Smile When Travelling

Sometimes when it comes to travel, I feel that the bigger events such as, the people we’ve met, the places we’ve visited and the experiences we’ve had, often over shadow the smaller, simpler pleasures of travelling.  Don’t get me wrong, the major aspects are the things that have helped shape me as a person, but it’s those smaller things that make me smile, are the things that make me content with the life I live.  Every day for 2 years, I wrote down a positive thing that happened that day, sometimes if I had had a bad day at work, I’d struggle but just something like the sun being out or a song coming on the radio would have made me smile, it helped me focus on the smaller pleasures.

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5 Travel Inspiration Quotes

First post of 2016 and I thought I’d start with some positive inspiration, 5 of my favourite travel related quotes!  In some way or another, they’ve encouraged me to travel and live my life to the fullest!

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Staying Positive During the Visa Wait

Yes, this visa wait sucks.  I’m guessing that as it’s Thanksgiving today, the people at the visa processing centre have probably got the rest of the week off too.  That’s another few days where our application is probably just sat on a desk doing nothing!  But as it’s Thanksgiving, I thought I’d look into the ‘not so bad side’ of waiting for the next stage to come through.  After all it’s not like I’m sitting in the corner like a depressed mess, there are some positives!

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