Expat Life: USA Cell Phone Plans Are SO Expensive!

In the UK I had been with the same phone company ever since I was 11 years old…roughly 15 years!  It may have changed hands several times (One-to-One, T-Mobile, EE) but I was always happy with the service I received.  I’ve been in America for 5 months and I’m already onto my 2nd phone company.  Before I emigrated, I had bought an iPhone, just thinking that it’d be simple, I’d get to America and just put in an American Sim Card and away I go!  If only it was that simple!

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Total Cost of the CR1 USA Visa Process

There are a few nasty surprises when it comes to the CR1 visa process.  You see the cost of the first I-130 form and think, brilliant that’s not too bad…but it’s certainly not the end.  Today I share just how much the total CR1 USA visa process costs: the form fees, evidence fees and all the hidden extras that soon mount up!

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Money Saving Tips For an All Inclusive Trip to The Maldives

Recently I’ve been seeing lots of guides on how to visit the Maldives on a budget.  I wish I had been able to see some of the local islands, but ultimately my ‘Maldives Dream’ was to stay in a water villa…not just for a night, but for the whole trip.  The majority of guides seem to be local local local…and then shows what it looked like in their all expenses paid night in a 5* hotel that will be well out of a reasonable budget.  I set a budget for my honeymoon that I didn’t want to go over and now I’ll be sharing simple tips that can lower the price, no sponsorship, no airline/hotel points, these can be done by anyone.

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The Importance of Fulfilling a Childhood Dream

I can’t remember exactly how old I was, early high school years maybe, a family friend of ours had just returned from travelling around Australia.  Every time he had rang home, his mum had put a pin on a map, I thought it was awesome.  He then showed me the photos of him climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and that was it, I knew I had to do it too…climb up a bridge, how cool!!!  From that point, I had made it my goal that one day I would visit Australia, 10000 miles away.  It was the first thing on my bucket list and something I was desperate to complete ASAP.

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