A Guide to Lapad Croatia | Lapad to Dubrovnik Old Town!

So you want to visit Dubrovnik Croatia, of course being in a tourist area the accommodation options are expensive and even in shoulder season the area around the Old Town is PACKED with people. Why not consider staying in Lapad? It’s just 4km away from Dubrovnik’s Old Town, which is around a 45 minute walk or a 15 minute bus ride! In this guide I share some of my favourite things to do in Lapad and the Dubrovnik area.

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2 Days in Dublin Itinerary | Ireland

Sometimes when you don’t get a lot of days off to travel you have to learn to maximise the little amount of time you have! In this post I share my tried and tested itinerary for 2 days in Dublin!  Including cool things to see in Dublin, where to eat and where I stayed.

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