Open When Letter Ideas For An Easy Long Distance Gift!

A fun little gift idea for people you may not get to see very often, long distance relationships, expats etc are ‘Open When’ letters!  They can be as cheap or as expensive as you like. At the end of the day they come from the heart.  The trickiest part is coming up with what to include!  I gave some to my mum and sister in England when I moved to America. Then in return my mum sent some to me!  Hopefully you’ll find these Open When letter ideas helpful!

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Our Alternative Wedding Readings

Because of our situation, it was easier for us to get married in a registry office.  We were allowed to choose two readings for during our ceremony BUT they weren’t allowed to contain any mention of religion.  I had no idea where to start so randomly searched for quotes in Pinterest and Google that would suit a marriage of a long distance couple.  The ‘Apache Wedding Blessing’ was on the short list, but these were the two that turned out perfect for us!

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Pros And Cons Of Living In America (As A British Expat)

Hardest. Decision. Of. My. Life.  Surely it shouldn’t be, I moved to be with my soul mate?  It did nearly break us.  In the ‘early’ days, we know someone would have to give up everything they’ve ever known and make the 4000 mile journey across the pond.  We were at a stale mate.  It came down to one thing, despite spending close to 56 hours a week in my work van, I don’t meet the UK requirement in terms of what I needed to earn to be able to sponsor a UK visa.  It was all down to me.

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