How to Survive a Midwest Winter

My goodness.  I’d never been so cold in my life until I moved to Iowa.  It’s not unusual for the temperature to be -20c/-4f on a daily basis, it can even get lower than this!  I honestly thought temperatures that low only existed in the poles…not in a country where the summers are 30c/86f!  Here are my (not so serious) Midwest winter survival tips!

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How To Care For a Pet Hedgehog

What on earth does looking after a hedgehog have to do with a travel and lifestyle blog?!  Well, when it comes to wild animals, the UK doesn’t really have many when you compare it to places like the USA, BUT the UK do have hedgehogs!  Here in the USA, I have a hedgehog as a pet!  OK so it’s not a British hedgehog but because they aren’t native to the USA, it’s classed as an exotic animal!

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