Touring the Lincoln-Tallman House in Janesville, WI

Coming from the UK, touring old mansion houses is something I’ve done plenty of.  You may know the drill, standing behind a rope, trying to peer through a doorway with 20 other people all standing on tip toes trying to look over your shoulders.  However, tours at the Lincoln-Tallman House in Janesville, Wisconsin are COMPLETELY different, it lets you experience the house and how life would have been living there.

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What do Henry Ford and the Dickeyville Grotto Have in Common?

Back in the summer, I passed the Dickeyville Grotto in Wisconsin but was unable to stop and I’ve been dying to return and check it out!  Finally I got there on a snowy weekend and it’s pretty awesome!

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Riding The Fenelon Place Elevator: Dubuque, IA

When I knew I was moving ‘to’ Dubuque Iowa, I began researching the area like a tourist.  I saw pictures of the Fenelon Place Elevator (aka Forth Street Elevator) and put it straight to the top of my new found Iowa bucket list!

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