72 Hours in Barcelona, Spain

When you don’t get a lot of days off to travel you have to learn to maximise the little amount of time you have!  In today’s Mini Travel Guide I share my tried and tested itinerary on how to spend 3 Days in Barcelona, Spain.  Including cool things to see and do, where to eat and where I stayed!

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48 Hours in Prague, Czech Republic

When it comes to travel, I think nothing of jumping on the first flight of the day, visiting a country, seeing some of the sights, have dinner somewhere, stay the night and then take the last flight back home on the following day.  Sometimes when you don’t get a lot of days off to travel you have to learn to maximise the little amount of time you have!  In today’s “48 Hours in…” guide I share my tried and tested itinerary on how to spend 2 Days in Prague, Czech Republic.  Including cool things to see and do, where to eat and where I stayed!

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Chilling at London’s Icebar

Tucked away halfway down London’s Regent Street is Icebar!  Best way to describe it, is a walk in freezer full of ice sculptures, carved by the same artists that do the IceHotel in Sweden.  The bar is made of ice, the walls are ice, the tables and chairs are ice…even the glasses are ice!  The 2016 theme is Rock n Roll, which was perfect for mine and my sister’s visit because we both love music!  They change this each year.

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Battle of the Budget Airline: Ryanair VS EasyJet

Budget AirlinesBudget airlines have been an absolute life saver when it comes to European travel from the UK.  Because the fares are so cheap, I have no problem in getting on the first flight of the day on a Saturday morning, jetting off, spending 1 night in a European city, seeing some of the sights, trying some of the local food and then getting on the last flight on a Sunday night, back ready in time for work on the Monday morning.  I once flew to Scotland for less than £5!  95% of my budget airline experiences have been hand luggage only, carrying a backpack that is guaranteed to fly with me EVERY time because it fits under the seat in front…even on my recent 7 night trip I only used a backpack that fitted under the seat!  Obviously my experiences are based around this.  Both Ryanair and EasyJet have their pros and cons, I find that price wise they are roughly equal, but which one is better?

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5 Things to Consider Before Climbing Kotor’s City Walls

Ever since I had watched Adventurous Kate’s Snapchat of her climbing up Kotor’s city walls in Montenegro, I knew it was something I had to do, I love a good challenge after all!  Here’s a quick run down of Kotor…it’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro (not THAT far away from the Croatian border!), rather than go around…the city walls go up ABOVE the city to St John’s Castle, there’s even a church half way up!  Entrance is €3 and it offers some of the best views of the city and bay.

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Bosnia: Day Trip From Dubrovnik

In 1984, Bosnia held the winter Olympics.  After the war in 1992, the bobsleigh track located in Sarajevo got destroyed and is now left as a ruin that covered in street art.  This started my obsession with wanting to visit Bosnia, I love bobsleigh and I love street art!  Ironically on my day trip from Dubrovnik, I didn’t get to visit Sarajevo, but it opened my eyes up to other parts of the country that I had never considered visiting…and I was more than impressed.  It gave me a taster of the country and left me wanting an awful lot more.

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Tips for Visiting Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

When visiting Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia, it’s pretty hard to not see the big ole green island in the sea, laying just a short distance away from the Old Town.  This is Lokrum, a protected nature reserve reached by a ferry that leaves the Old Town harbour several times a day.  There are no vehicles on the island and there’s absolutely no staying on the island overnight.  It was also used as a set location for the Game of Thrones (the throne can be seen in the visitor centre).  I didn’t really know what to expect when visiting the island, so here are my tips for visiting Lokrum!

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Visiting Tivoli Garden’s in Copenhagen, Denmark

Visiting Tivoli Gardens CopenhagenWhen it comes to theme parks and ‘extreme sports’, I’m the equivalent of a plane spotter.  Not only do I love a good kick of adrenaline, but I’m a sucker for the stats; height, speed, depth, inversions, g force etc etc but AGE isn’t normally something that comes up very often.  In 2014 the 2nd oldest rollercoaster in the world, ‘Rutschebanen’, turned 100 years old! ‘Rutschebanen’ is a wooden roller coaster located at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It may not be the most adrenaline fuelled coaster, but it brought smiles to mine and my sister’s faces every time we rode it (yes, we went on it multiple times!).

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