Differences Between The American School System Compared To The English

When I moved to the USA, I got a job in an elementary school, partly because I wanted the time off (don’t get me started on the lack of the USA ‘vacation days’) and because I had already had previous experience from working in a special education school in the UK, it seemed like the perfect option!  I was recently contacted by a fellow expat who wanted to know what some of the differences are between education in the 2 countries!

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Teaching Children About the World

We’ve all seen the pictures on Facebook ‘Please show my class how far this photo can go round the world’, you comment with your location and that’s that, it’s not teaching them anything about these locations, I guess you just end up as a dot on a map?  To be honest, I tend to ignore these completely.  However, last week I received some mail from my little bro-in-law in the States, his Pre-K class at Elementary School were doing a project and I threw myself into it whole heartedly!

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