Made in Iowa: Betty Jane Homemade Candies

In the midst of ‘Chain America’ exists local businesses that are amazing at what they do.  Today I’m shining a spotlight on Betty Jane Candies born and bred right here in Dubuque, Iowa!  Betty Jane Candies was first established back in 1938.  They have 3 store locations in Iowa, 2 in Dubuque and one in Marion, with the Asbury Road (Dubuque) store doubling up as a mini Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory where all of their yummy treats are made!

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Icelandic Chocolate Easter Eggs

Icelandic Easter EggAs a part time traveller and living in the UK, Easter is a great time to travel as it means extra ‘public holiday’ days off work!  It almost means that I’ve been able to experience how other cultures celebrate Easter and Iceland tops it when it comes to their AMAZING chocolate eggs.  Iceland has its own chocolate factory ‘Noi Sirius’ located just outside of Reykjavik, they are the masters behind the eggs.  The eggs come in different sizes (from size 2 up to 10) and are FILLED with all different types of Icelandic chocolate and sweets, such as: chocolate caramels, malt balls, chocolate covered liquorice and hard boiled sweets.  Mine was a size 4, it had a chick on the top, a chocolate and flowers stuck to the egg and LOADS of sweets inside.

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