A Guide to Lapad Croatia

So you want to visit Dubrovnik Croatia, of course being in a tourist area the accommodation options are expensive and even in shoulder season the area around the Old Town is PACKED with people, so why not consider staying in Lapad? It’s just 4km away from Dubrovnik’s Old Town, which is around a 45 minute walk or a 15 minute bus ride!  Lapad definitely makes for a more peaceful stay in the Dubrovnik area!

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My Favourite Way to Capture a Landscape

Flicking back through my photos, there is always one type of picture that catches my eye.  I find that the key to some of my favourite landscape photos is to shoot looking through a frame.  It could be a natural frame, it could be a window or a hole in a ruin, I love the way it adds another dimension to the picture and really brings a certain part of the shot into focus.

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Bosnia: Day Trip From Dubrovnik

In 1984, Bosnia held the winter Olympics.  After the war in 1992, the bobsleigh track located in Sarajevo got destroyed and is now left as a ruin that covered in street art.  This started my obsession with wanting to visit Bosnia, I love bobsleigh and I love street art!  Ironically on my day trip from Dubrovnik, I didn’t get to visit Sarajevo, but it opened my eyes up to other parts of the country that I had never considered visiting…and I was more than impressed.  It gave me a taster of the country and left me wanting an awful lot more.

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Tips for Visiting Lokrum Island, Dubrovnik

When visiting Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia, it’s pretty hard to not see the big ole green island in the sea, laying just a short distance away from the Old Town.  This is Lokrum, a protected nature reserve reached by a ferry that leaves the Old Town harbour several times a day.  There are no vehicles on the island and there’s absolutely no staying on the island overnight.  It was also used as a set location for the Game of Thrones (the throne can be seen in the visitor centre).  I didn’t really know what to expect when visiting the island, so here are my tips for visiting Lokrum!

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