10 Road Trip Tips from an Ex Delivery Driver

Now here’s something I may not have mentioned on my blog before.  I am a girl, I’m 5ft4 inches tall AND I hold a UK class 2 truck license.  Think the size of a bin lorry (garbage truck), fire engine, a coach with no passengers, anything that’s rigid, up to 4 axels.  I may not have taken up truck driving, but I was a delivery driver for 3 years.  I was on the road, 6 days a week, averaging around 10 hours a day during the week.  I picked up things that made my life on the road easier and now I’m going to share some of my best road trip tips with you!

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Expat Life: Passing an American Driving Test

I’m not going to lie, in the first week of driving in the States, I reversed into a tree while backing into a car parking space.  My car already had a giant dent in the bumper when we bought it so other than my self esteem, there wasn’t really much damage.  Anyone that has passed a car test in Europe will know what an awful experience it is.  We have tests that last for over 1hr3o (including a warm up lesson before it) which include parallel parking, reverse parking, reversing round corners, 3 point turns, emergency stops, roundabouts, traffic, clutches, biting points, gear changes, the lot.  It’s also CRAZY expensive!  So here’s my experience of an Expat getting a driving license in America!

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