Taste of the World – Celebrating Cultural Diversity in Dubuque, Iowa

Taste of the World is an annual free event that takes place in Dubuque, Iowa.  It is hosted by the Multicultural Family Center and celebrates Dubuque’s cultural diversity.  It was so refreshing to attend an event that brought so many different nationalities together under one roof.  Everyone was smiling and chatting and having a great time!

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Crazy Differences Living in Iowa/USA PART 2!

I had such a good response from my 15 Crazy Differences Living in Iowa/USA post that I thought I’d write a part 2!  I’ve now been living in Iowa for 2 months and I still find new crazy little differences every day!  Life as an expat is certainly never dull, I’m constantly kept on my toes!  Here are 19 more crazy differences living in Iowa/USA!

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Teaching Children About the World

We’ve all seen the pictures on Facebook ‘Please show my class how far this photo can go round the world’, you comment with your location and that’s that, it’s not teaching them anything about these locations, I guess you just end up as a dot on a map?  To be honest, I tend to ignore these completely.  However, last week I received some mail from my little bro-in-law in the States, his Pre-K class at Elementary School were doing a project and I threw myself into it whole heartedly!

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