How To Make A Face Mask Out Of A Bandana

Never did I think I’d be writing a post like this on my website! Oh how times have changed! There’s been a lot of debate about do face masks actually work. It seems that the answer is no, they don’t stop YOU from getting anything. BUT if you were to have symptoms/be asymptomatic then it’d potentially help stop those around you from getting infected. However, this post isn’t about the ins and outs of if they work. It’s about how to make a face mask from a bandana.

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Free Printable Iowa Activity Sheets For Kids!

Bored and looking for something to do?  Maybe you’re stuck inside, running out of ideas for during school breaks etc.  I have created some FREE printable Iowa Activity Sheets, that are perfect for kids!  There are 3 pages altogether with a variety of activities such as: colouring pictures, word searches, crosswords and other word puzzles!

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Christmas Tree Time Capsule

We’ve always used our Christmas tree as a way to display our memories.  Whenever I travel, I try to find my Mum a Christmas decoration as a gift (Travel Souvenirs: Christmas Edition).  Now I’m living in America, I’m starting my very own travel/memory tree!

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