I-751 Applying To Remove Conditions On A Green Card in 2019

Yay! You got your USA Green Card, finally you can sit back and relax…WRONG.  If you’ve been married for less than 2 years at the time you first applied for a Green Card, you actually are only granted a conditional residency.  This lasts 2 years from the day you first enter the USA.  90 days before the card expires, you have to start the 1-751 process to remove the conditions on the Green Card.  A process that currently has a processing time of over 18 MONTHS.

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What to Include in the I-130 USA Visa Package

In this post, I will go through exactly what we included in the I-130 USA Visa Package (aka CR1 Spousal Visa Process).  This is the very first pack in the whole process.  Please note I am not an immigration lawyer, I have been through the process and this is what was accepted for our application when we applied in 2015, make sure you check official government websites at the time of applying.

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Our CR1 Spousal Visa Timeline

I understand that circumstances can differ depending on lots of different factors.  This is our experience of the I 130 petition for the CR1 Spousal Visa, which we started in September 2015.  I have included the whole CR1 Visa timeline of our process with links to helpful tips on the types of evidence we provided for the various forms etc.

The applicant (my husband) is: living in the USA, and is a USA citizen by birth.

I am obviously his Spouse (which ‘fast tracks’ me), born and living in the UK.

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