Alice Springs to Uluru – I didn’t climb Uluru and nor should you!

The adventurer inside of me was SCREAMING out to climb Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) in Australia.  What does it look like from the top?  I heard there were water holes up there, can they be seen?  Could I psychically get up there…sounds like a challenge, look there’s even a rope to help!  BUT I didn’t.  The responsible side of me took over.  Not only is it steep and dangerous (I saw people sliding back down on their bums!), the Aboriginals ask you not to out of respect.

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Up @ the O2: Climbing a London Icon

Opened in 2012, people can climb up and over the top of the O2 Arena (aka The Millennium Dome!) in London!  Depending on whether it’s a week day or a weekend, for £25-£30 you can step into a climb suit and attach yourself to a wire system with something that looks like Pacman on a rope, while being watched by your trusty climb guide!

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The Truth About Working At A USA Summer Camp!

8 years ago I decided to take the plunge and start the ball rolling for my first ‘solo’ trip. It didn’t stay solo for long, it was spent with 70 other people like me and then hundreds of kids…yep, I signed up for Camp America when I was 19 years old for the craziest summer of my life.  You must have seen all the movies about American Summer Camps?! I laughed, I cried and I ate far too much but I wouldn’t have changed the experience for anything.

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