British Restaurants & Pubs Near Des Moines Iowa

Thanks to having to remove my Green Card conditions, I had a last minute 3hr trip to Des Moines.  I used it as the perfect excuse to visit some of the British places to eat in Ames and Des Moines to get a little bit of England in Iowa! Ames and Des Moines are approximately 35 minutes (30 miles) apart.

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A Brit’s Guide To Walmart | Expat Life USA

I’m sure I’m not the only British person to have been excited by the American superstore Walmart…I remember when I was preparing for Camp America one of the pieces of advice from returning camp counsellors was “don’t worry about packing too much, the camp director takes everyone on a Walmart run in the first few days”.  So Walmart was built up as being the best place ever because if they don’t sell it…then you probably don’t need it, whatever you need, you can get it!

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Things To Include In A British Care Package | Expat Life

Being a Brit in the USA, there’s nothing I enjoy more than receiving a little box of English treats from home!  This post was originally about the Little Care Package British Subscription Box, however since writing this post, I have discovered that the Little Care Package is no more, which is a real shame as it was a really good product!  I loved the range of products so I decided to keep the post live as a way to get ideas of what to include in a British care package

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