12 Best Motels on Route 66 | USA

Driving Route 66 is very much about the journey rather than the destination and part of the fun is staying in a new place every night!  There’s a huge range of accommodation options from campgrounds, to big chain hotels but for this post I’m embracing the unique motels on Route 66!  I’m talking about the individual ‘independent’ motels.  The ones covered in Route 66 memorabilia and the classic neon signs! I’m guilty for staying in some chains during my trip (you can see a full list in my Route 66 2 week itinerary), so I’ve teamed up with some awesome travel bloggers who have contributed some of their experiences of Route 66 motels!

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Real Life Route 66 ‘Cars’ Movie Locations | The Places That Inspired Radiator Springs

Those that may not have driven Route 66 (the 2451 mile road trip from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California) possibly don’t realise just how clever and well researched the Disney Pixar ‘Cars’ movies are.  When the idea for the Cars movie first came up, John Lasseter, a filmmaker and animator, drove the Route and spoke to as many people as he could to learn about the history of Route 66. He took inspiration from the real life locations that he passed! Where is Radiator Springs? It’s not just one town. Radiator Springs in real life is a mash up on many different locations along the Route 66!

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How Long Does It Take For A Green Card To Arrive?

As soon as I opened my mail box I knew what the envelope inside held.  It wasn’t even a government envelope or anything special, it just had the words PRIORITY MAIL printed in big red letters on the outside.  I gave it a little bend and it confirmed my guess, that yes, there was a card inside. It arrived almost 1 year to the day since I first applied for my USA permanent resident visa.  Hello Green Card!

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