Footgolf Courses in Illinois: Lacoma Golf Course

I love mini golf but I suck at regular golf.  I then discovered that footgolf courses are a thing, so me being me I had to give it a shot (whey! Pun not intended). I visited the Lacoma Golf Course in East Dubuque, Illinois!

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Wakeboarding at Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock

I thought I’d share my favourite thing I’ve done in Dublin, Ireland! If you’re after something that doesn’t involve alcohol or museums but is something a bit more active and challenging, yes, right in the city centre, I think I’ve found it!  Located at the Dublin Grand Canal Dock (roughly a 25 minute walk from the main centre) is Wakedock, a cable wakeboarding park!  What is wakeboarding?  Think snowboarding, mixed with water skiing and you’re not far off!  I first learnt to wakeboard behind a speed boat, cable parks eliminate the boat.  The tow rope is attached to a cable that runs above the dock and uses a control box to stop, start and control it’s speed.

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