Privacy & Disclosure Policy

So here’s all the boring stuff that you need to know but will probably never read! …Just like an airline safety demonstration that after a while you don’t even bother to watch anymore!

Affiliate Links:

Between England and Iowa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Sales made with the Pura Vida coupon code are commission based at no extra cost to you.

I also use other affiliate platforms that again work in the same way…if you purchase through my link, I earn a small commission from your sale at no extra cost to you.  Some of these sites are cookie based so if you click, that site may ‘remember you’ for a certain amount of time, yet I will still earn the commission.  If you don’t link this, you can clear your cookies or simply don’t click on the link, I state at the beginning and end of the post as to whether there are affiliates included, so you are aware.

Sponsored/hosted posts and trips:

Yep, sometimes I get paid to post about a topic or I will be hosted by a destination while I’m travelling.  I disclose this at the beginning of every post that has been hosted or paid for.  Please know that everything I write is 100% MY OPINION.  These companies do not tell me what to write and I don’t recommend things that I don’t like.  In basic terms, I don’t lie.  Posts are based on MY experience.  Please be aware that things can change but is correct at the time of writing.  I’ll also not be held responsible if you take my advice…such as if I talk about an activity and then you hurt yourself…you do these things at your own risk…just like when I do it, use your common sense and never do anything you aren’t comfortable with!


The adverts on my site are part of the WordAds program by WordPress.  I do not have any control on the ads that are displayed and I don’t really know how they work, if you want to know, ask WordPress (who host my site).  I do make a small amount of money from these ads that are displayed.

Mailing list:

If you have chosen to sign up to receive emails updates from WordPress for whenever I post a new blog, I CAN see your email address BUT I’m too busy to even look at them…(do you really think I have that much time on my hands?!).  I don’t do anything with the email address and I’ll never use it to spam your email box/sell it on to other companies blah blah blah.  T hey are automatically sent by WordPress and you can unsubscribe any time you want.  If you follow me on WordPress I can’t see your email and even if I can I don’t know where I would find it…again, I’m too busy for things like that!

Analytics/Stats/Data Protection:

My analytics aren’t as in-depth as what some sites are.  I can’t see individual information about visitors but WordPress does show me a general statistic of: the countries of my visitors, where they clicked onto my site (for example through: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google etc), the posts that have been read and the unbound links that are clicked on (such as, if I link to an attraction website or another blog).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.  Thank you for reading my posts!

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