Checklist For Moving Abroad: A Handy Guide For Moving To A New Country

I have now had two big moves abroad. I moved from the UK to the US and 4 years later, I moved back to the UK again. Moving abroad is BIG. There is so much to do and think about and at times the checklist of things to do can feel like a mile long. In this post, I share my checklist for moving abroad and some of the things you should consider before a big move overseas!

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Moving Abroad Packing List: What You Need To Take Overseas

I’ve now moved abroad twice. Once when I moved to the USA and then when I repatriated back to the UK. Both times I considered them permanent moves. Looking back, if I had know that I’d only stick living in the US for 4 years, I would have packed a little different. However at the time I thought I’d be gone for the long haul so packed accordingly. When I originally left, I had the option of potentially leaving stuff in storage, but coming back to the UK, I then had to pack up EVERYTHING as I knew I wouldn’t be returning. So naturally I had more on the return journey. Here’s a little look at my moving abroad packing list and things that you may need to consider for an international move!

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Best Headsets For Online Teaching

When it comes to online teaching, some companies like tutors to have a headset, and with others it’s down to personal preference. I decided to use one just so other people around me don’t have to listen to my lessons! I’ve gone through several types of headsets to find one that works best for me, so now I’m sharing my findings! Here are the best headsets for online teaching!

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