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Expat Chinwag Podcast

I have a podcast!  ‘The Expat Chinwag with Kylie’ launched on 26th August 2019 and is as podcast and YouTube series all about travel and expat life!  Each week I talk about a various aspect of expat life, sharing the differences between England and Iowa.

The show is unscripted and unedited, so it’s just like I’m having a chat (or sometimes a bit of a rant) with friends!

New Episodes drop every Monday!

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Ep1. The USA Green Card Visa Process

In this episode I share my experience of the CR1 USA Green Card visa process! I’m a Brit married to a USA citizen and I try to sum up the last 4 years in less than 15 minutes!

You can find all of the visa resources here.

Ep2. Brits Love To Talk About The Weather…!

Am I even a Brit if I don’t have a moan about the weather?  Find out the crazy extremes of the weather in Iowa compared to the Great British drizzle!

Ep3. USA Health’care’ Compared To The UK NHS

The US and the UK uses two very different healthcare systems and as an expat, the change can be a bit of a shock!  I share some of my experiences from both countries.

Ep4. Travel Observations And My Favourite USA Destinations!

In episode 4 of the Expat Chinwag, I share some of my favourite USA travel experiences and destinations…and yes I know that Texas is on Route 66 (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahomas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California!)!

Ep5. Food, Drink & Eating Out in the USA

It’s true! Food portions in the USA are HUGE! Find out other eating out musings, some of my favourite foods in the USA and some foods which are just plain wrong!

Ep6. Driving in the USA

Coming Soon…

The Expat Chinwag Podcast with Kylie