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Expat Chinwag Podcast

I have a podcast!  ‘The Expat Chinwag with Kylie’ launched on 26th August 2019 and is as podcast and YouTube series all about travel and expat life!  Each week I talk about a various aspect of expat life, sharing the differences between England and Iowa.

The show is unscripted and unedited, so it’s just like I’m having a chat (or sometimes a bit of a rant) with friends!

New Episodes drop every Monday!

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Ep1. The USA Green Card Visa Process

In this episode I share my experience of the CR1 USA Green Card visa process! I’m a Brit married to a USA citizen and I try to sum up the last 4 years in less than 15 minutes!

You can find all of the visa resources here.

Ep2. Brits Love To Talk About The Weather…!

Am I even a Brit if I don’t have a moan about the weather?  Find out the crazy extremes of the weather in Iowa compared to the Great British drizzle!

Ep3. USA Health’care’ Compared To The UK NHS

The US and the UK uses two very different healthcare systems and as an expat, the change can be a bit of a shock!  I share some of my experiences from both countries.

Ep4. Travel Observations And My Favourite USA Destinations!

In episode 4 of the Expat Chinwag, I share some of my favourite USA travel experiences and destinations…and yes I know that Texas is on Route 66 (Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahomas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California!)!

Ep5. Food, Drink & Eating Out in the USA

It’s true! Food portions in the USA are HUGE! Find out other eating out musings, some of my favourite foods in the USA and some foods which are just plain wrong!

Ep6. Driving in the USA as a British Expat

Here’s my experience of driving in the USA as a British Expat, from having to retake the driving test, to driving on the wrong side of the road!

Ep7. People’s Reactions to me as a Brit in Iowa!

In this episode I share some of the reactions that I get from various people I meet!  These mainly ring true for Iowa and small towns, rather than the USA in general…there are SOME places that I can blend in without my voice giving me away!

Ep8. Communicating With Home as an Expat

In this episode of the Expat Chinwag, I share the ways that I communicate with home as an expat and how over the years communicating long distance has become easier!

Ep9. Online Community

Depending on where you emigrate to, you may well be the only ‘foreigner’ and sometime it’s nice to find and talk to others that understand!  I share some of the online expat groups and blogging groups that I’m part of, and the importance of them in my expat journey!

Ep10. International Travel

As an expat I do a lot of international travel, who am I kidding, before I was an expat I did a lot of international travel too!  In this episode I share some of my favourite destinations around the world and travel tips and hacks, especially for when it comes to flying long haul!

Ep11. Halloween in the USA

Halloween in the USA is like a huge crazy celebration!  This is my opinion of what it’s like from the British perspective.  I’ll give you a clue…I’m the Halloween version of a bah-humbug!

Ep12. We both speak ‘English’ but there’s a huge language barrier!

In theory both countries speak English but my goodness is there a language barrier!! Being an expat my mind is constantly working in 2 different countries.  Here are some of the language differences (and a few other differences!) between the UK and USA!

Ep13. The problems I experience SHOPPING!

When you’re an expat, even shopping can be a pain!  Not only is there a different currency, which granted you ignore after a while, but then there are taxes and size differences which can be a bit of an annoyance!

Ep14. Thanksgiving

What it’s like suddenly having to celebrate certain ‘holidays’ that you’ve never had to before!

Ep15. Homesickness

Lets address the elephant in the room and talk about homesickness, something that I feel like many of us expats have to suffer in silence.  Regardless of whether you’ve been living as a permanent expat for a few years or 20 years, we all experience it as some point.

Ep16. Christmas Traditions in the UK & USA

Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a tough time of year of expats what with being away from family and friends.  In this episode I share some of my British Christmas traditions, what Christmas is like as an expat in America and how I bring some of my old traditions to the USA.

Ep17. Visiting Home

If you’re an expat, you may be very used to long travel days to visit home!  In this episode, I give a little insight as to what my travel days are like when I visit the UK from the USA…and the return trip!

Ep18. A Certain Type of Crime…US vs UK

Trigger warning.  Literally.  In this episode I discuss 2 types of crimes that come up a lot in conversation when thinking about the USA and the UK.  This is completely my opinion and me TRYING to get my head around thoughts of people that just shrug off mass murders because it’s now become an everyday occurrence where it’s just like ‘oh there’s another one’.  Guess what, we have mental health problems in the UK too and how many mass murders due to a certain weapon have we had lately? I’ll give you a clue.  Zero.  I’m pretty sure mental health isn’t the problem.

Ep19. 10 Things I Like About The USA

In this episode I share 10 things I like about living in the USA.  Some are quite big differences from the UK and others are silly little things that bring me a little bit of happiness!

Ep20. 10 Things I Like/Miss About The UK

Coming Soon…

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