5 Places to Grab Dessert in Dubuque, IA

I love dessert.  So it’s no surprise that I’ve been hunting down Dubuque’s best dessert spot!  Being a fairly big town, of course Dubuque is full of all the national chain restaurants.  There’s Cold Stone Creamery, Culvers Frozen Custard, Red Robin and Buffalo Wild Wings that all serve dessert, but this list will highlight the small businesses that deserve some recognition!  Did you know that for every $100 spent at a small business, $68 will stay in the community, whereas $100 spent in a chain restaurant only $43 will go back to the community?! (Source: L May Eatery)

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Fly Through the Air with Sky Tours Zip Lining in Dubuque, Iowa!

Everyone needs a little kick of adrenaline at some point and what better way than to take a zip lining tour that combines learning about Dubuque’s history!  Sky Tours is located in Union Park, along John F. Kennedy Road in Dubuque, Iowa.  The course consists of 9 zip lines and takes around 2hr 30 to complete!

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A Stay at the Hotel Julien – Dubuque, IA

The Hotel Julien is a luxury 133 room hotel, located right in the heart of Downtown Dubuque, Iowa.    It’s a building that is rich in history and was originally built in an area so it would be the first building that people would see when they crossed the bridge from Illinois into Iowa!

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English Afternoon Tea at the Inspire Cafe in Dubuque, Iowa

When I moved to America I thought I’d never get to have a British cream tea ever again.  Then Dubuque decided to throw out one better, a FULL English Afternoon Tea experience at the Inspire Cafe in the historic Millwork District!  The Afternoon Tea tradition dates back to the 1800s.  They usually include: a pot of tea, finger sandwiches, cake and scones (cream teas are smaller and only have scones and tea).  When my American family came over for our wedding in the UK, we took them to a tea room for an English Cream Tea and we even served it at our wedding reception!

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Riding The Fenelon Place Elevator: Dubuque, IA

When I knew I was moving ‘to’ Dubuque Iowa, I began researching the area like a tourist.  I saw pictures of the Fenelon Place Elevator (aka Forth Street Elevator) and put it straight to the top of my new found Iowa bucket list!  History:  Originally built in 1882, it is the world’s shortest, steepest funicular railway.  It started life as a way for a local man, Mr Graves, to get between his home, on top of the hill and his place of work at the bottom, cutting out a journey that would usually take him 30 minutes.  It was powered using a steam engine which pulled the car up the hill using rope.  It first opened for public use in 1884.  In 1893, a fire destroyed the elevator and Mr Graves couldn’t afford to rebuild it.  10 neighbours clubbed together to get it back up and running, the steam engine was replaced with a motor engine and steel cable instead of rope.

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