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Last Updated on November 21, 2021

I have once again collaborated with Life Less Ordinary, a British based eco friendly company that creates jewellery and travel accessories! I have worked previously with them by reviewing their personalised coordinates bracelets and then again for the custom ‘What3Words’ bracelets. The have since branched out into travel accessories, producing eco friendly travel wallets and passport holders, made from cork! The perfect eco friendly gifts for travellers!

Disclosure: AD | I received a complimentary cork passport wallet and holder from Life Less Ordinary in return for my review. As always, opinions are my own.

Eco Friendly Travel Gifts

Vegan Cork Travel Accessories

I love using passport holders and wallets when I travel. It’s crazy just how much power that little book holds, so it’s important to look after it while on the road! I’ve had a cover on my passport for years now.

Life Less Ordinary have created a line of travel products using vegan cork leather. It’s an alternative material to using animal leather and it is durable, water resistant and scratch proof. The process in which is it created is sustainable and eco friendly. The cork is harvested by hand, with a layer being removed from the tree. It is then boiled, steamed and pressed to turn it into a product that is able to be crafted into different items.

The Cork Oak trees are never cut down. It’s a special tree in the way that it can continue to grow even after being harvested. It also means that wildlife can still stay within their natural habitat.

Passport Covers

palm print cork passport cover with pockets and passport

An important feature that I like to have, is a section for cards that need to be kept alongside my passport. Things like the GHIC travel ‘health insurance’ card and while I was living in the US, my Green Card. If they are with my passport, I always know where they are. Especially when it came to my Green Card, it worked in tandem with my passport, so I needed both to be able to cross the border.

For those that like to coordinate, most of the passport cover designs have a travel wallet that comes in the same pattern! Personally I love the green palm print and the red palm print. I’m a sucker for beach travel so think the tropical designs are beautiful! Life Less Ordinary was created by Amie and Joe. All the passport wallets and holders are handmade by Amie’s Gran!

Cork Travel Wallets

The travel wallets are lined with a 2 snap popper closing. They also have a detachable durable strap. They are the perfect size for a passport, boarding passes/tickets and money. I’m old fashioned and even though most things are going digital and card based, I do like to have a hard copy of my boarding pass or any important forms. This way if I have no signal or my battery dies I have backups.

Life Less Ordinary palm print cork travel wallet with currency and passport

I often travel with a backpack and it’s really handy to organise things into different wallets and packing cubes. This way it’s easy to find things that might otherwise slip into the depths of a bag! Along with protecting the passport itself, a good idea is to have some sort of wallet that keeps all important documents together.

10% of net profits are also donated to Life Less Ordinary’s chosen charities. IndiGo Volunteers is one of the charities that is supported from the sales of the cork wallets and passport covers.

As well as the travel wallets/clutch bags and passport covers, they also have bags, backpacks and wallets (for both men and women).

You can view the full range of ethical travel accessories here.

Life Less Ordinary red palm print travel wallet and passport cover

Other products/jewellery

As mentioned above, as well as their vegan Portuguese Cork products, they also have lots of personalised, customisable travel themed jewellery. I recently bought the black wave necklace which has a waxed cotton cord and the pendant is made from a tagua nut. It’s so lightweight that I don’t even know it’s there and I love the design. As an adventure traveller, I like the jewellery I wear to be VERY durable!

The jewellery pieces come in a cute little canvas bag and my last order came with a free ‘Life Less Ordinary’ compass sticker! They make great eco friendly gifts for travellers and are even more special as they can be engraved with all sorts of messages, travel themed coordinates and more!

The tagua nut is another sustainable material. It’s actually a seed and is collected once it falls off the tree naturally. It then takes 2 years for the seed to ‘dry out’ and it becomes as hard as ivory. Because of this, it’s sometimes known as ‘vegetable ivory’.

Their most recent business card also has seeds embedded into the paper! You can add soil and water and the business card will turn into flowers, which is really cool!

Life Life Ordinary have worldwide shipping and free shipping to addresses within the UK.

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Eco friendly travel gifts passport wallet and cover

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