Piglets Pantry Review | Cakes and Afternoon Tea Delivery in the UK (Expat Friendly)

Last Updated on October 2, 2021

I’m sure a lot of other expats can relate, when it comes to buying treats and gifts for friends and family back in the UK, it can be a bit of a nightmare. In my experience postage from the US to England was RIDICULOUS. If you didn’t get stung by postage, you then had to contend with import taxes. One way to get around this problem was to find British companies that would accept overseas payments, yet ship directly to addresses in the UK. Piglets Pantry bakery can do exactly this! So if you feel like treating loved ones that you’re separated from, to an afternoon tea delivery, this may be a great option for you!

Disclosure: AD | This post is sponsored by Piglets Pantry. I was sent a selection of treats to review in exchange for my honest opinion. For more information visit my Privacy & Disclosure Policy.

Piglets Pantry Review

My delivery arrived in a ‘chilled packaging’ box (with dry ice) via the courier company APC. I chose a date with Piglets Pantry and my delivery window was between 7am – 12pm…just in time for lunch! At the time of writing, deliveries can only been made to mainland UK (contact Piglets Pantry for Scotland deliveries), due to shipping perishable foods. Flat rate shipping is £5.95.

The products come with instructions on how best to serve them (such as reheat or freeze) and their best before date. Mine had a best before of around 6 days. All the orders come with a detailed ingredient list too, just in case anyone has any allergies.

If you plan on gifting the products, it might be best to warn the recipient, or plan it so it arrives on a special date. There was around a 1 week delivery wait for the next available date. They also don’t deliver on Sundays or Mondays. Having a Saturday delivery is great for those that might have work during the week though!

Piglets Afternoon Tea For One Delivery

The ‘Piglets Afternoon Tea For One’ would make a great gift for a loved one. Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea (I’m obsessed)?!

Inside is:

  • 1 plain scone
  • Tiptree Strawberry Jam (yay Essex!)
  • a pot of Rodda’s Clotted Cream
  • scotch egg
  • traditional sausage roll
  • cheese & pickle sausage roll
  • cheese & chive quiche
  • 1 blueberry & banana loaf cake
  • 1 chocolate chip loaf with salted caramel drizzle
  • a Teapigs tea bag

It’s well packaged and presented and nothing got squished in transit, hooray!

Piglets Pantry Afternoon Tea For One, scones and savoury items

It made a nice change to have the savoury items instead of sandwiches. They can all be reheated/warmed up in an oven. The sausage rolls had a lovely taste and even when reheated, the pastry stayed flakey! I found that the scotch egg did require a little extra cooking time compared to the other items. When I cut it open, the egg was still cold but the sausage meat was warm. I stuck it back in the oven, cut in half, for a little longer and then it was fine. You can also warm up the scone but I prefer them cold!

Piglets Cheese and Pickle Sausage Rolls

Out of the 2 cakes, the blueberry & banana loaf was my favourite. I loved the purple icing and the blueberry and flower decoration!

There’s more than enough for one person, I ended up sharing some of my bits, so it could quite easily work for 2 people as well. But you can buy a full 2 person and 4 person version too. They also have both vegan and vegetarian afternoon tea options as well as a kids version (Little Piglets) and seasonal versions such as the ‘Hello Spring Afternoon Tea’, which has some more unique flavoured products (apple crumble loaf, Hunter’s sausage rolls & more).

Other Cakes & Treats From Piglets Pantry For Delivery

Along with the afternoon teas, Piglets Pantry offer a range of other cute products. They also sell full sized pies and sausage rolls which can be frozen for up to 3 months, but here are some of the other sweet items that would make great shareable gifts for families or friends.

Brandy Chocolate Truffles

The dark chocolate brandy truffles come in a lovely little tin which I will be reusing once I eat them all! The truffles are small, dusted in cocoa powder and are very rich. This is good because then they won’t be all pigged in one go and will last a while! Once they get to room temperature, they literally melt in your mouth!

Piglets Pantry Brandy Chocolate Truffles

Floral Brownie Selection Box

I was VERY impressed with the Floral Brownie selection box! It’s one of the more expensive items they sell, but the quality is AMAZING and they are so pretty! The selection box comes with 4 chocolate brownies and 4 blondies. They are moist and full of flavour. The blondies were one of my favourite things out of the things that I sampled from Piglets Pantry. The portion size is very generous too, you could easily cut each piece in half and make them last even longer!

Piglets Pantry Brownies with flower decorations

Mini Carrot Loaf Cakes/Hello Spring Loaf Cakes

Piglets Pantry have various flavours of loaf cakes in both mini and large sizes. They are each individually served in little cardboard containers. The Hello Spring Loaf Cakes are one of their seasonal offerings. The selection box comes with 6 mini loaves in 3 flavours: 2x carrot cakes, 2x courgette and lemon sponge and 2x chocolate garden loaves and are beautifully decorated. The Easter Chocolate Garden Loaf has a similar taste to a brownie but not as dense. Courgette and lemon are flavours that work well together. The carrot loaf cakes have raisins inside and cream cheese frosting. As well as featuring in the Hello Spring box, the carrot loaf cakes can also be purchased in a box of 6 mini loaves by themselves.

Assorted Handmade Luxury Cookies

The luxury cookies box has 4 different flavours of cookie, with 2 of each. In my box, there was double chocolate chunk, white chocolate chunk, milk chocolate chunk and white chocolate with raspberry. They are soft and chewy and I loved the large chunks of chocolate in each one! The double chocolate with white chocolate chunks were full of flavour!

Piglets Pantry Homemade Cookies

So whether you are an expat living overseas, or living in the UK and want to treat yourself or a friend or family member that you haven’t seen for a while, check out the treats that Piglets Pantry have on offer! They cheered up me and my family during this time and we had fun sharing and trying all the different items!

For more information and orders, visit the Piglets Pantry website!

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