UK 14 Day Quarantine On Arrival: What It’s Like Travelling Into London Heathrow

On Monday 8th June 2020, the UK introduced a requirement for international travellers arriving into the UK to go into a 14 day quarantine. I travelled from Chicago USA landing in London Heathrow on Monday 15th June so therefore had to go through the motions. I have a feeling that it won’t be in place for long so I’ll be updating this post as and when things happen…if I wait 2 weeks until I publish, there’s a chance that it may not even be in place anymore!

What is Included on the UK 14 Day Quarantine Form

48 hours before you land in the UK, you have to go onto the government website and complete an ONLINE form (Public Health Passenger Locator Form) about where you plan on quarantining once you reach the UK. There are some exemptions but I am not one. They are mainly health care professionals, or if you are arriving from places like the Isle of Man. For everyone else, here’s a run down of what is asked for:

  • Create an account (email address and password)
  • Phone numbers – you can add as many as you want. I think a mobile number is preferred though. It also asks if you can be reached on that number while in the UK or outside of the UK (for example my US number doesn’t work outside of the USA)
  • How can you be contacted – via sms, phone call etc.
  • The number you preferred to be contacted on.
  • Personal details: Given name, if you’ve been known by any other name (such as before marriage).
  • When will you arrive in the UK – date and time.
  • When will you leave (optional).
  • Your sex
  • Date of birth
  • Home address
  • Passport details
  • Will you be passing through the border (or just connecting)
  • Details of arrival: airport/port, country departing from, operator (such as airline), booking reference, flight number, seat number
  • Are you travelling as a group?
  • Are you travelling with someone under 18yrs old?
  • Are you exempt from isolation?
  • Do you know where you’ll stay? (Yes or no answer)
  • Accommodation details: who will you be staying with (names and relation to you), address, when you’ll arrive, when you’ll leave (there’s no option to leave the end date empty…bit silly as I’m a repatriate and have no idea when I’ll leave…I just put a date 2 weeks away), will you stay anywhere else.
  • Emergency contact – I think it’s if you don’t have a number you can be reached on. I gave my Dad’s details (name, phone number, email)
  • Check your answers
  • Declaration: That you’ll arrive in the UK within 48 hours and that all the answers you gave are correct.
  • Download the form. You are given the choice to print or save it digitally to a mobile device. I printed mine.
UK Quarantine on Arrival 2020 Form

At the Departure Airport

When checking in for my flight in Chicago USA, I was asked if I knew about/had filled in the form online. I had said yes and showed her my printed version, but she just said ‘OK’ and didn’t actually need to look at it.

Arriving in the UK

When arriving in London’s Heathrow airport, all of the E-Gates were closed. Before entering the immigration line I was asked if I had already filled in the form online or not. I said yes, so was directed down one line, I’d imagine if you say no, you’d get sent down a different line.

The immigration officer, asked me to remove my mask for a few seconds to check that I matched my passport, then asked about the form. I handed it to him and he read through all 3 pages. Asking me where I had come from, if the address was my home address (as a Brit repatriating I quickly explained that I had been living in the US but yes that would be my home address), if I’d be staying at that address for 14 days, who I was staying with…I said my parents and that my dad was picking me up to take me straight home. And that was pretty much it. No temperature checks or test at EITHER end…I guess they are just trusting you to tell the truth and not flying if you have symptoms.

Quarantining At Home

I’m sure you don’t need to know about me quarantining at home. It’s been strange being ‘free’ in Iowa and now I’m not even allowed to leave the house at all! (There are some exceptions for medical reasons or if you have no other choice but to go and get food). I have my running machine for exercise, I can sit in the garden and I’ve got plenty of stuff to sort out what with moving back to the UK. I’ll keep you updated as to whether or not I do actually receive a phone call or anything…I doubt it, but we’ll see.

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UK 14 Day Quarantine On Arrival: What It’s Like Travelling Into London Heathrow

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UK Quarantine on arrival: What to expect when flying into London Heathrow

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  1. Welcome back Kylie, hope the next fourteen days go quickly and you can get out and about quicker than you expect. Must be a bit of a culture shock being back in this lockdown environment after the freedom of Iowa? So different. Hopefully we’ve got it right but have to agree that I think the 14 days won’t be around for too long.

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s weird going into a lockdown, haven’t had chance to really experience the English version of day to day life yet so that should be interesting! Although by the time I’m released then I think the next load of openings will be happening (on the 4th I think?)

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