10 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

There are many reasons why we might get stuck at home, bad weather, snow days, can’t travel, that thing that appeared at the start of 2020… Here’s a list of some of the things I do and hopefully they’ll give you some ideas too!

Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

1. Exercise

There are various ways that you can exercise without leaving the house.  As sad as it sounds, I walk 5 and a half miles around my house whenever I’m not at the day job.  In the UK I have a treadmill, in the USA I have an elliptical, but you don’t necessarily need a machine to be able to exercise.

You can also use YouTube where there are loads of different work out/exercise videos, guided yoga class etc.  I list some of my favourite online yoga classes in this post: My Favourite FREE Yoga & Meditation Resources For Stress & Anxiety.  Just because you are stuck in your house, doesn’t mean you have to turn into a lazy potato!

2. Adult Colouring Books

I have a Route 66 colouring book which I love.  It’s a way of being able to travel without having to leave my house.  Some colouring books are obviously for ‘mindless’ colouring, but as mine includes real life places, I do like to look at the location and get the colours as close to the real thing as possible!

Route 66 Splendor: An Adult Coloring Book

3. Binge Watch TV

With streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, it’s easy to find a series and watch it back to back.  Some of these services are cheaper than normal TV packages.  Currently I’ve been watching The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime (as I had a free 30 day membership).  I don’t so much sit and watch every single word, it’s nice to find a programme that works well as background noise so you can be doing something else at the same time.

There are also many many videos on YouTube, I often fall down the rabbit hole and watch clips from day time TV talk shows.  You could even stream music videos.  I’ve watched a couple of music concerts which I’ve found on YouTube.  And best of all they are all FREE (if you can put up with the adverts).

4. Clean/Organise

If you find yourself with some extra time at home, you could use it to organise some neglected areas.  I’m terrible for hoarding stuff, so it’s a perfect time to just dump out and search through all the things you’ve forgotten about.  I threw away old receipts, electronics boxes that I kept ‘just in case they went wrong’ and I had to return them and other things that I no longer needed.

You may even rediscover things you do want to keep, which are fun to look back on.  I found an old notebook full of ramblings I’d forgotten about and some old photos etc.

Typed Travel Journals

5. Read A Book

I try to read for a little bit every day.  If you don’t have a Kindle E-reader, you can download the app onto a tablet or phone and read books on that.  I tend to flick through the free download lists.  If you’re not fussed on particular titles there’s always something, you can search by genre too.  If you want to do some arm chair travelling, head for the travel books!  Usually authors will make the first book in a series free to read, on the hope that if you like the stories and the characters you may buy the following titles.

If you do want more popular titles from bestsellers, have a look and see if your local library has an online digital library.  Some titles may have a wait list, despite it being digital, but then you simply download to your gadget or read it on a computer.  This service is free too, but you may need a library card to access the e-books.  They often have a timeframe for the loan too, like a normal library book.

It’s possible to find online book clubs too.  I’m part of an expat book club, where all the members of the group read the same book.  Then there’ll be a set date when they have a Facebook discussion about it.

Red Cedar Lodge Iowa Cabins

6. Enjoy A Hobby/Do Things You Don’t Have Time To Do

As a blogger, my time is pretty much spoken for.  I work during the week at a day job and then work on my sites on all of my days off.  Because of this I don’t have much time for anything else because I barely have time to do all the things I need to do!  So when I have some extra free time, I do have a bit of a better work/life balance.  I have time to do fun stuff on top of all the jobs that I don’t usually have time to do.  My main hobby is writing, but I also do photo editing, sometimes make videos etc.  Maybe your hobby is scrapbooking (which is a great way to document past travels or experiences!) or cooking.

Road Trip Scrapbook Ideas

7. Video Call Family or Friends

Just because you might be at home by yourself, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely alone.  There are various different ways to video call.  Some popular ones are FaceTime (Apple), Skype or through Facebook Messenger (if you’re on mobile).  Ring someone up that you haven’t seen for a while!  Facebook Messenger now has crazy filters, games and you can even invite more people in for a group chat.  Me, my mum and sister recently did this in a group video chat and it was hilarious!

8. Learn A Skill/A Language

Again, YouTube have many ‘How To’ videos, but for language learning I use the free App ‘Duolingo’ that has many different languages.  I do Spanish lessons every day and you could spend as long or as little as you want on it.  I possibly wouldn’t expect to become fluent in it, but it’s good for learning basic words.  If I hear someone talking in Spanish I can often pick up on what they are saying, even though I’m not 100% confident in how to form a sentence back!  I personally like the ‘stories’.  They are easy to understand stories where you’ll be asked questions on what you read to see how well you understood it!

9. Multi Player Apps/Games

Leading on from apps and FaceTime, there are many different apps where you can play against friends and family.  Me and my mum play ‘Fight List’, where you are given a question and have to try and think of as many answers as possible (such as: countries beginning with N, other words for ‘happy’, girls names starting with M etc).

10. Read Blogs For Future Travel Inspiration

A good way to find blogs is through Pinterest (it gets rid of all the stupid stuff like TripAdvisor forums that aren’t very helpful).  You can search for a destination, see lots of lovely pictures and then click on the images to find out more.  They don’t even have to be places far away, there’s often places represented that are a lot closer to home.  Or maybe you follow a writer on Facebook and can just click through onto their website.

Information on blogs is free to read.  However this content obviously takes time and effort to create and research.  By people visiting a website, the writer will often make money through the ads that are displayed.  Again it costs nothing to the reader, but it does help support the creator in the long run.  During down times, our website traffic can take a hit and therefore our income drops, so any extra views are greatly appreciated!

Do you have any other ideas for things to do when you’re stuck at home?

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Things to do at home when you can't travel

Things to do at home when you can't travel

4 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You Are Stuck At Home

  1. Hello there. I think the only thing on your list that I’m not doing is online games… we’ve moved a bookshelf which involved de-cluttering and cleaning; I’ve read a bunch of books (and reviewed them on Goodreads, an indulgence); we’re doing capoeira and yoga in the living room/on the balcony; I’m learning how to sell stuff online (new skill)… the thing I’m selling online is a colouring book (so of course we have to test-run the images) about travel! I’d add “plant seeds” to your list though!


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