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Last Updated on December 20, 2019

Once again I have partnered with the ethical jewellery company, Life Less Ordinary!  Back in the summer I reviewed their Fernweh coordinates bracelets and now I’m back with another one of their products, the What3Words location bracelet!  It’s been fun to watch their growth, when I received the first bracelet, their website wasn’t even live and now they offer even more products!  Keep reading for another Life Less Ordinary GIVEAWAY!

Disclosure: AD | I was provided with a free personalised product in exchange for my review.  As always, opinions are 100% my own!

What3Words Location Bracelets

What is What3Words?

One of the new additions is the What3Words bracelet.  When I first told my Mum I was going to be reviewing a What3Words location bracelet, she was like ‘oh! I have that app!’.  In all honesty, I hadn’t heard of it before!

What3Words is a unique company that acts in a similar way to coordinates, but rather than using numbers of latitude and longitude, they ‘map’ places using 3 words.  The WHOLE world has been divided into 3×3 metre squares and each square has a 3 word combination.

As you can imagine, even something such as a building that may have a single number street address, could have hundreds of word combinations!

Life Less Ordinary Personalised Location Bracelet

Something which I think is cool, compared to say the Google Maps equivalent of the ‘little blue dot’, is that on the app, you can find your exact location which is displayed in the 3 word format (word.word.word).  You can share this location with someone else who can then find your location through the app, but then use a navigation service like Google Maps to get the directions!  This is really helpful from a travel perspective when you may be able to see a street sign and know that much about your location but by narrowing it down to a 3 metre square can be extra helpful.

Imagine how it could even help in a situation with no streets, such as if you’re in a park, on the beach or at a festival!  You could map your tent location and never have to wonder where on earth it is again (well assuming you can still get some sort of phone signal)!

The Life Less Ordinary Bracelet

Life Less Ordinary has taken this company and in the same way as the coordinates bracelets, have then used it to document special places.  The bracelets use the same sustainable Tagua nut, that is used in all of their jewellery products.  The 3 word combination is engraved onto the nut along with a little symbol that relates to one of the words in the combination.

Location Bracelet

There are several different ways of deciding on what words you want.  You can pick a location and then click around on the grid until you find a combination of words that you like.  They are VERY random combinations though!  Here’s an example of some of the many word combinations that can be found for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia:





Or if you want something more accurate:

Maybe there’s a certain bench you like to sit on in Hyde Park in London and watch the world go by – (…bench chosen at random in this case!)

Summit of Mount Snowdon – perfectly.traffic.decking

Life Less Ordinary What3Words Location Bracelet

I decided to go for another approach and choose words that meant something to me but also had a location that related to me as well.  I thought of 3 words that are important to me: travel, explore and adventure.  Using the search button on the map, I typed in different combinations of these 3 words until I found one for a ‘decent’ location.  ADVENTURER.EXPLORE.TRAVEL came up with a location in Iowa (just outside of Ames!). My first bracelet had the coordinates for a location in my hometown in England, so staying in theme with my website (and life!), having an Iowa location was perfect!

Other ‘hobby’ words and locations: – California USA – Illinois USA – Tanzania

Location Bracelets by Life Less Ordinary

The guys at Life Less Ordinary then included a little graphic of a plane which made it even more perfect (£5 extra).  To anyone else it’d just look like I’m wearing a travel themed bracelet but I know it has a deeper meaning behind it! You can also pay an extra £2 to have a secret message engraved on the back.

Like all of their bracelets, you can choose the colour of the band.  I could pick from either: black, coffee brown, ocean blue, burgundy, purple or a combination of 2.  On my last bracelet I chose a combination, but this time I opted for just ocean blue (which is a turquoise/light blue…think paradise island ocean colour)!

If you haven’t seen the review of the coordinates bracelet, 10% of the companies net profits are donated to a couple of the charities that Life Less Ordinary support, Indigo Volunteers and Reserva ‘Youth Land Trust’ (there’s a whole category of Reserva themed bracelets).

Life Less Ordinary Bracelets

I really do love the Life Less Ordinary products.  They are really strong, well made products which are perfect for adventure travel!  I have quite small wrists but the bracelets can be easily adjusted to fit a range of sizes by pulling on the strings.  It’s very secure and doesn’t loosen up with wear.   Amie and Joe (the founders) are lovely to deal with too!

Coordinates Jewellery

Custom Coordinates Bracelet available on Life Less Ordinary

Check out the Life Less Ordinary website to shop bracelets, anklets, necklaces, cufflinks and earrings!


I’ve teamed up with Life Less Ordinary again to give away not 1, not 2 but THREE prizes!

First prize: 1x Graphically designed What3Words bracelet

2x second prize: £10 gift voucher to spend on the Life Less Ordinary website

Simply enter by clicking the link below!


Terms & Conditions

Competition closes: Friday 20th Dec 2019 at Midnight

Entrants must be over the age of 18

Competition is open WORLDWIDE

Winners will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter.  I’ll then forward the winner’s email addresses to Life Less Ordinary who will be in contact to arrange prizes.

What 3 words best describe you?

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What3Words Location Bracelet by Life Less Ordinary

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  1. What a great gift and so original. What3Words is such a brilliant concept and I think a lot of companies are starting to use it more and more for deliveries etc. We haven’t really got three words as we don’t live anywhere. Shame.

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