Between England and Iowa: Journey To A 10yr Green Card Visa Guide Book!

Last Updated on October 18, 2019

I’ve published a 2nd book!  Yay!  “Between England and Iowa: My Guide to the CR1 Spouse Visa Process and the Journey to a 10yr Green Card” (yes it’s a mouthful) is now live on Amazon WORLDWIDE is paperback and Kindle formats!

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Some of you may have read my first book, Between England and Iowa: A Year in the Life of an Emigrating Wife, which is written journal style of my first year living in the USA.  My latest book is what happened leading up to that first year!

Amazon US: Between England & Iowa: My Guide To The USA CR1 Spouse Visa Process & The Journey To A 10yr Green Card

The Journey to a 10yr Green Card

Here’s the blurb:

“‘Between England & Iowa: My Guide To The USA CR1 Spouse Visa Process & The Journey To A 10yr Green Card’, is an adaptation of the blog posts published on I’m not an immigration lawyer but I share my tips and advice as someone who successfully navigated the CR1 Spouse Visa process and received a 10 year Green Card. This guide covers many steps in the process, from the different forms, evidence that I provided to support my case, my experience of the embassy interviews and medical exams, right up until how to remove the 2 year conditions on a conditional residency Green Card. Written from the perspective of a British citizen with an American spouse.”

Yes most of the information is available on my website, but I’ve put all the posts together in one place, and now technically you can access it offline!  Depending on the version, the guide is between 55-60 pages long.  The paperback version has some blank pages at the back where you can write notes, to do lists, reminders to yourself, dates of your own journey etc.

I’m not going to be offended if you highlight paragraphs in the book or make notes on the different chapters.  Use it in which ever way you’ll find it helpful while going through the US visa process!

I try to answer all the questions that I had about the Green Card visa process, giving tips and advice on the things that I wish I had and hadn’t done.

Visa Guide Book

Part of the reason I first created this site was to act as a resource to others that were going through their visa journey.  It can be stressful and often information can be hard to find.  This site has been live for nearly 5 years now and I’ve had many emails and comments from people that have gone through the process and found my articles helpful.  Many of them update me when they are finally granted their Green Card which is so nice!

Obviously everyone’s cases are slightly different and immigration rules and requirements are always changing, but hopefully it’ll continue to assist people with some of the technical terms being explained in an easier to understand way.

It may seem like I started the process a long time ago…back in 2015, and you may wonder if the information is still relevant, BUT technically I’ve only JUST finished it.  4 YEARS after I started!  My 10 year Green Card was granted in September 2019.

If you’ve been married for less than 2 years at the time of the application, you are only granted a conditional 2 year Green Card.  Before it expires you have to then go through the condition removal process, which took me 16 months, bringing the total to 4 years!

What’s Included in My Guide To The CR1 Spouse Visa Process?

The content is laid out in a similar way to this section on my website:

Our CR1 Spouse Visa Journey

It covers:

  • I-130 process
  • NVC stage
  • The ‘London’ stage (medicals and embassy interviews)
  • I-751 Removing the 2yr Green Card conditions

As well as some other helpful posts on things you can expect once you have emigrated, such as:

  • Arriving in the USA for the first time on a visa
  • Getting a Social Security Number
  • Travelling on a Green Card
  • The difference between a permanent resident and a citizen
  • The difference between the K1 and the CR1 visas

Even if you aren’t going through the USA visa process, you might find it interesting to find out just what it takes to get into the country.  Many people I talk to are shocked to find out that the process still continues even once you have moved to America!

Buy It Here

Amazon US: Between England & Iowa: My Guide To The USA CR1 Spouse Visa Process & The Journey To A 10yr Green Card

Click here for the UK Amazon store

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Thanks for your support, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message!

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